People: Ilya, motion designer

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People: Ilya, motion designer

My name is Ilya, I am 25 years old. I work as a motion designer, in the future I see myself as an art director.

Once I, like so many people, “spat” to the side Apple and wondered how you can pay so much for devices? Ripoff!

However, my first Apple device was a white iPhone 5S. I was in my second year and at the same time worked in my city for a local IT company. Then I thought: “I work in a modern company, I earn decent money, why not boo?” Saved up for him all summer.

When he left to study in St. Petersburg, he settled in a hostel and got a job at a TV channel. It was time for the first homework and coursework – I did them at night while staying at work. After some time, the question of buying your own laptop arose.

People: Ilya, motion designer

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Then I re-read a lot of articles from experts in the field of motion design, either poppies or gaming devices were suitable for my tasks. As a result, the choice fell on Macbook Pro 2015, largely due to optimization. MacOS does not need to be rearranged when the system is cluttered, it updates itself, and you can forget about viruses.

I really like the feeling of “clean work” on MacOS – after all, all software is licensed. And you always know where to turn in case of malfunction – one company is responsible for all the “shoals”.

I confess that I spent all my childhood at the computer, playing games. There are not many games on the Mac, so this is a huge plus: I am simply not tempted to play.

People: Ilya, motion designer

Now I have iPhone 7 Plus Red and the same Macbook Pro 2015. They suit me completely and do their job – I create training videos, promotional videos, and video content aimed at brand promotion.

I'm not chasing new products. As soon as I get more or less settled in St. Petersburg, I will buy an iMac – it is more likely to come from the habit of use, and not because “I want everything expensive to show off.”

By the way, the portrait mode on the camera iPhone is fantastic (laughs).

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