People: Maxim Horoshev, host of the Rozetked channel

Today under the heading 'People' – video blogger Maxim Khoroshev, host of the popular Rozetked channel on Youtube. The guys conquered an audience of 700 thousand people, making high-quality reviews on gadgets, technology hacks and other useful content. Today we talked about whether tech blogging is dead and what funny situations happen during filming.

People: Maxim Horoshev, host of the Rozetked channel

Maxim, how did you come to YouTube and why exactly tech blogging? How did it all start?

In 2009, I got my first iPhone, which my brother gave me. I was then, like, in the eleventh grade and decided that I was interested in rummaging through technology, Cydia, hacks and so on. In general, in this way I found a job on one of the sites on the topic Apple. I changed a couple of publications and ended up in Apple Insider. Then the guys came up with the idea of ​​making an audio podcast, but “video podcast” seemed like a good idea to me. And that's how it all began.

How do you balance work and personal life?

Almost nothing. All day – work. Either shooting, or editing, or graphics, or scripts. There are also exhibitions and trips abroad, quite often, but all this is also for work. There is almost no personal life.

From time to time on Youtube I come across the idea that tech blogging is dead. What do you think are the prospects for this direction?

I disagree with this. This is a separate category altogether. If you shoot about pies, clothes or do life hacks, you yourself may cease to be interesting to the viewer after a few years. And it's always interesting to listen to technology, the viewer often doesn't care about the presenter, the main thing is to tell about something new on time.

This is both good and bad. Good – because it is difficult to lose relevance, bad – you cannot postpone some idea or shooting for later, you must always be in good shape. It's complicated.

What gadgets do you use the most now? Are there any favorites?

Pixel 3 XL, iPhone XS Max, MacBook Pro 15 ”. They are also favorites.

What qualities should a modern smartphone have?

For me – a good camera, a big screen and perfect work Bluetooth so that there will be no interruptions when listening to music.

Do you remember your first phone? 🙂

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pros to ship first Apple ready to start production iPhone 12

Phone – Nokia 3220. Smartphone – N-Gage QD

People: Maxim Horoshev, host of the Rozetked channel

If you choose between manufacturers of equipment, who would you prefer?

Everything is trite: Apple. I would like everyone to follow their example. They did not copy, but took an example of how to treat production. In general, Microsoft have excellent assembly and design devices. Often not worse than the 'apple', or even better.

Do you think it is possible to live without gadgets now? Have you experienced crises when you wanted to give up everything and move away from civilization?

Well, if you end up on the island, you can. And so – no, it is impossible. There were no crises: I feel comfortable in the modern world. It's convenient. Sometimes it’s just scary to wake up in the morning, when your personal is littered with three hundred messages, the same in the mail … And you think: your mother, it will be a difficult day. Sometimes you want to escape from this. But not from gadgets.

Surely funny or just unusual events happened to you during the filming. What is the most memorable one?

The hardest to shoot in China. There people climb into your camera: they are trying to look or say something. One day, in 2013, a Chinese grandfather came up in Shanghai while filming and began singing Russian songs to the camera. It was funny. And so, in general, quite often anything happens. Either the camera is drowned, which stands like a car, or something is stolen.

It's nice when people abroad come up to take a picture, even those who don't speak Russian. Once a German came up and said in English that we have a cool channel.

People: Maxim Horoshev, host of the Rozetked channel

Instagram @khoroshev

By the way, what is the most unusual gadget you have ever held in your hands?

God only knows, the line between ordinary and unusual has long since disappeared. Now everything seems to be either ordinary or unnecessary. iPhone – normal. Google Glass – unnecessary. Robot vacuum cleaners are ordinary. A phone with a round screen is unnecessary. If you look at it from the point of view of delight, then two of my favorite gadgets are AirPods (because they are convenient and stable) and the OnHub router (the reason is the same – very stable and convenient).

What are your goals for the near future? Going to a million?

Let's try to refresh the channel format somehow. While the idea is this.

Share your favorite photo you took in 2018?

A guy next to the London Underground with a subway logo tattoo. In my opinion, cool

People: Maxim Horoshev, host of the Rozetked channel

The guy just stuffed the London Underground logo on his hand. And I took a picture. Cool 🙂 Instagram @khoroshev

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