People: Rustam, host of events

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People: Rustam, host of events

My name is Rustam Bulatov and I am the host. In 2008, he connected his life with KVN and in the same year he held his first event. Since then, I have never parted with a microphone from the word “generally”.

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Over these 10 years, I have spent a variety of holidays: weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries, teambuildings, sweepstakes and much more. Out of the ordinary: two years ago I was the host of a dog wedding. In the near future, I want to conquer YouTube – I will conduct a wedding video blog.

I came to iPhone, in fact, quite by accident. Until 2014, I was an ardent opponent of Yabloko. However, in the same year I drowned my waterproof “Sony Z1” in the pool … So, I had to buy a new phone.

At the time, I was in a relationship with a girl I now call my wife. She had iPhone 5, and she persuaded me to buy an “apple” too. You quickly get used to iOS, but fortunately – and, perhaps, unfortunately – you can't get out of the habit.

People: Rustam, host of events

I bought a 5S, walked with it for 9 months, after which it started to get very buggy. I took it back to the store, where, in turn, the phone was sent somewhere very far away. Do you know what happened? A month later, they sent me a brand new “five”! At that moment I fell in love with Apple twice as much. As a result, I went with her for another 2 years and bought myself the seventh, just released model. He serves me faithfully to this day.

I love everything about the phone: from the looks to the filling. I am an eternal subscriber of Apple Music and a listener of podcasts. And when I decide to update my gadget, it will definitely be iPhone the latest model.

All my relatives use Apple, iPhone – this is a reliable phone, and walking with it is considered prestigious. It would be prestigious to walk with Nokia like before, I would walk with Nokia (laughs).

People: Rustam, host of events

The most favorite photo on the phone recently – from a trip to Karelia. My wife and I (wearing a white t-shirt) and friends went there this summer. It was very warm, sincere and fun.

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