People: the most Petersburg blogger – Nastya Nesterenko

If you try to imagine the Petersburg blogger himself, then it will definitely be Snova_Nastia. Nastya Nesterenko has been blogging at Instagram for about seven years now, promoting the Scandinavian-style lifestyle, and also organized many thematic meetups and offline projects. It is read by more than 200 thousand people, whom Nastya introduces every day about her life and the life of St. Petersburg under the hashtag # again_nastin_petersburg. Today we talked to her and found out what place gadgets occupy in a blogger's life.

People: the most Petersburg blogger Nastya Nesterenko

First, tell us how you came to blogging? When and how did this shock occur?

It happened in my last year of study at the university, I began to write more and more often under photographs and received a great response. That year, I went on an internship in the USA and the guys supported me a lot through Instagram, and I shared with them everything that happened to me.

Do you separate life and work?

More likely no than yes. My life is now very closely intertwined with work, although there are special 'working' moments: correspondence with customers, preparation of content, joint projects – all this takes most of the time.

What did you shoot with when you first started your journey? Do you remember your first phone?

I got my first phone at the age of 11 – Siemens A50, I still remember it. I saved up for him from school breakfasts (smiles). And Instagram appeared on my IPhone 3GS.

What place do gadgets take in your life? Which ones are you using now?

Everything is simple for me – I love the technique Apple for its laconicism, minimalistic design and the absence of complex algorithms when working. I am typing this text in notes on the IPhone 8, and in the bag there is MacBook Pro 13 2017.

People: the most Petersburg blogger Nastya Nesterenko

Author: @snova_nastia

The question arising from the previous one: why exactly this choice? What kind of smartphone would you never buy?

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple will announce the launch of iPhone 12 from day to day

I don't have any prejudices about phones. It just has to meet certain needs, camera, design and simplicity are important to me. Although last year, when I lost my phone, I got an old Androyd to replace me and I was happy – the priority then was to restore all passwords and data, and the rest will follow.

What are three criteria that, in your opinion, a good smartphone or laptop should have?

Compactness, light weight, spacious battery.

What do you think, is it possible now to live without technology, and have you ever had such a desire?

You can live, people lived somehow before, but whether it is necessary – the question 🙂 I like the modern rhythm, and technology frees us up hands and time for important things.

Have you had any funny or, on the contrary, sad stories related to gadgets?

Is the faithful old man flooded with water considered a sad story? 🙁

Can you share your most memorable photo that you took in 2018?

This picture from the Dolomites is probably the most memorable. Reminds me that if you keep a thought in your head, then it will turn from thought into reality. Well, there are also mountains, and I really love mountains ♥ ️

People: the most Petersburg blogger Nastya Nesterenko

Author: @snova_nastia

What are your top priorities today? Is there a wish-list of what you definitely want to fulfill in 2019?

I try not to make such plans for the year ahead, I live as I live. As for the priorities – in 2019 I want to pay more attention to health and work, I want to develop one of my third-party non-media projects in parallel with Instagram.

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