Ready for the weekend! Movies that you want to watch on a winter evening

Gadgets-gadgets, and weekends on schedule. Especially for you – a selection of films for family home evening. Don't thank!

Nine lives

The film is about the billionaire Tom, who, in his endless work, completely forgot about his family. His little daughter dreams of a cat, and he, stepping over himself, at the last moment buys a fluffy handsome man at the pet store. In a hurry for the holiday, Tom gets into an accident, and, waking up, finds himself in the body of this very cat …

Street cat named Bob

A truly touching story about a young man who is struggling with drug addiction and a cat that appears in his life on time. Together they overcome difficulties and achieve their first victories.

Full moon kingdom

a funny story about the first love of two little adventurers. The film is set in the 60s against the backdrop of the mesmerizing landscapes of the British island.

Always say yes'

This is a comedy with Jim Carrey, which already speaks for itself. Karl Allen is a man suffering from a midlife crisis. His wife left him, there are problems at work, and friends are tired of Carl's constant depression. A young man accidentally enters a seminar, the participants of which agree to always say 'yes' in response to any suggestions from outside. This is where the plot begins.


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A cartoon about the emotions that live in our head – joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. Most of the time emotions live amicably, but sometimes they start to quarrel, and then trouble can happen to a person …

Dog life

The film is about a dog that lives many lives, changing its breed and owners. The goal of each of them is to love people.

Way home

A fairly old Disney film about two dogs and a cat who travel incredible distances to be close to their family again. The owners of the four-legged animals went on a short vacation and left the animals with their aunt, which the three furry adventurers did not appreciate.

Walk through the woods

The middle-aged writer Bill Bryson has lived in Great Britain for twenty years, far from his homeland, the USA. To write a book about the nature of America, he invites his alcoholic friend to hike the Appalachian Mountain Trail in search of inspiration.

Sing Street

A touching musical drama about growing up. The economic crisis of the 1980s hit Conor's family hard, and he is being transferred from a prestigious private school to a regular, public one. There, the guy encounters the rudeness of the local inhabitants, and, among other things, falls in love with an unattainable girl. Wanting to impress the beauty, Conor assembles a rock band.

Moonlight magic

The action takes place in the 1920s in France. A young Englishman comes to the Côte d'Azur to expose the swindlers who operate in the city. However, the mysterious swindler turns out to be a charming girl with whom he falls in love with no memory.

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