Sberbank goes into the “underground”. We tell

Sberbank has big ambitions. As it became known today, the bank is going to create its own passage to the metro station and the MCC for its employees.

Sberbank will go to

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The underground complex of five buildings will be called unoriginal – Sberbank City. The capacity of the center will be up to 30 thousand people.

It is planned to move to a new technological “dungeon” in 2021. It will be located not far from Moscow City, at Kutuzovsky Prospekt, 32. The project is currently being discussed with the city authorities and Russian Railways.

An ambitious project that will theoretically be convenient for all employees. The main thing is that it should be approved by the Moscow government.

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Well, if Sberbank succeeds, jokes about the magic bank Gringotts from the Harry Potter universe will be relevant!

And what about other countries?

I must say that underground offices are no longer news. For example, the office of the IT company 'Pionen' is built in a former nuclear shelter with an area of ​​1200 sq.m.

Sberbank goes to

It is located 30 meters underground, under the granite cliffs of Stockholm's Vita Berg park. The starting point for the work was the concept of treating the rock as a living being – people tried to acclimatize in this alien world for them and bring the best from the surface: light, plants, water and technology.

The architects created a contrast between the rooms, where rocks prevail, and people are 'outsiders', and the halls in which people completely changed the interior of the underground kingdom for themselves. The choice of lighting turned out to be quite difficult. The main goal was to make it as diverse as possible, otherwise employees could lose their sense of time in a confined space. In many ways, the architects focused on the sci-fi films and interiors of the first Bond episodes, created by set designer Ken Adams.

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