Tips Apple for developing and releasing popular apps

Where to start if you're going to create the best app. Own experience in creating mobile applications for App Store is a voluminous ten-year period. Several applications have received high-value awards. And I wanted to back up my own observations with advice specifically from Apple, which has instructions to make your application better. If you have not read the instructions App Store, then you should stop reading this article and start studying the instructions on the site Apple.

Apple does an irreplaceable job sharing best practices with users and those who build applications for the ecosystem. If you have a desire to make a living from applications, then you need to read the suggested tips. Try to carefully study the basic guidelines Apple, this will develop the necessary skill to create the necessary applications for the Apple Store.

Tips Apple for developing and releasing popular apps

Recommendation Apple: 'Our App Store is filled with several million apps. When an application does not carry a semantic load, uniqueness, or does not provide long-term leisure, then the application is simply unsuccessful and it cannot be good and beneficial for your business. '

Figure out how to make someone's life better. Be helpful, solve the problem by providing the user with an intuitive interface. Your performance is measured by the decision you make to make the application better, faster, easier, safer, funnier, and more accessible to the maximum number of users.

For example, consider the Overcast podcast app. As an application, of course, it is not the one with the most complete list of functions. Instead of competing with other applications in functionality, Overcast improves the chances of winning by focusing on other functionality. One of its unique abilities is that it helps users save time by automatically increasing the playback speed.

This little extra feature made the app extremely popular. It is pleasant to use it, which, in turn, increases brand loyalty and everything that the developer does.

Tips Apple for developing and releasing popular apps

Another tip from Apple: 'Before creating an app, look at the apps in their category in App Store and think about how you can improve the user experience.'

Do something special that no one else has done before. This is what the context suggests App Store. Does what you plan to create exist? What can you do to show yourself? Come up with your ideas.

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You will do things that you have not done before. Instead of building something by reworking the old, it is better to create something innovatively new. Apple says that 'app clones' is one of the main reasons why apps are rejected from publishing to the Apple Store. “If your application does not offer new features or content, or it only applies to a small niche market, it cannot be approved,” writes Apple, on its website.

Tips Apple for developing and releasing popular apps

Tip # 3 Apple: 'Apple has a strong focus on original, sophisticated and intuitive interfaces. Make sure your user interface meets these requirements, plan your own design carefully by following the user interface design guidelines and projects. '

Apple is best known for her love of detailing. Small details like the app icon, beeps and small parts of the user interface matter a lot. You will benefit by focusing on quality, while your competitors are focused on quantity.

When we create a new application, our main task is to make it worthy. People need to be liked, they need to be delighted with how beautiful and comfortable it can be, and the press should want to talk about it.

Tips Apple for developing and releasing popular apps

Tip # 4 from Apple: 'When your app looks like it only took a few days to build, or you're trying to release your first practice app, or to impress your friends, then you should be ready for rejection from the outside Apple. For our developers, quality is important, they do not want their applications to be surrounded by “hobbyist crafts” '.

There are about 1.6 million applications in App Store that work well. This is not a playground for hobbyists who share their first apps or thoughtful beta releases. Most developers have spent hundreds of thousands of hours developing their apps before submitting them to the Apple Store. Therefore, the role Apple is as important today as it was before.

Don't submit an app until you are sure it is worthy of the best awards.
Take the time to fix everything, test your application more thoroughly, share it with beta testers. Use it yourself and check on older devices. Please fix any bugs you can find before downloading assembly V1.

Tips Apple for developing and releasing popular apps

Recommendation Apple: 'We also love your work and honor your craft. We really do our best to create the ideal platform in the world for you to show your talents and earn this for yourself a carefree life. If it sounds like we are in control of everything, it is because we value our users so much and are convinced that they have a quality experience with our products. Like many other companies, Apple works to their advantage. We accept and promote applications that are useful, have a recognizable clear interface, rave user reviews and press coverage. Create an application that is unique in your category, which you can only, make it useful first of all for yourself. '

The main lesson here is to create applications that are useful, unique, creative, and sophisticated. Make an application that will improve people's lives, then you will be appreciated for your contribution to the ecosystem, which in turn will allow our users to develop as well.

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