What is an iPod and what is it for

The variety of electronics only increases over the years, so fans of even one brand can get confused in device models. For example, some users do not know what an iPod is and what it is for, or they don’t understand the differences between this gadget and other equipment Apple. In addition, there are offshoots in the iPod line that are also worth a separate reminder.

What is an iPod for?

The iPod was introduced in 2001 as an audio player. Initially, the device included only functions for playing music, but with each subsequent generation, the developers expanded the capabilities of the gadget. Thus, for 2018, the iPod combines the functions of a tablet and a player, that is, it serves for entertainment purposes. Depending on the model of the device, the functionality may differ, but the main goal – playback of tracks – is performed by any of the devices.

What is an iPod and what is it for

There are 3 ramifications of the iPod: Nano, Shuffle, and Touch. Many users wonder why “touch” is needed and why it is needed iPod Touch. The name of this model comes from the presence of a touch screen on the device. At the same time, the functionality of this gadget can be called the broadest among other representatives of the iPod, since the touchscreen allows you to type text and navigate more freely. The iPod touch is able to replace a budget tablet, while other player models are more suitable only for intended use.

Difference from other gadgets Apple and basic functions of iPod

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The main function of the iPod is to play music, however, depending on the model, using the device it is possible to perform the following actions:

  • access the Internet through a browser when connected to a wireless network;
  • view media files (videos, photos, e-books);
  • shoot video (subject to a camera);
  • listen to the radio and use a voice recorder;
  • work with applications that were installed via a PC or wireless connection;
  • use the player as a pedometer (Nano only).

Only iPod Touch has such a wide range of possibilities thanks to the touch screen, and some functions are available on other devices. The functionality of the Nano is somewhat narrower, but it contains additional options, like the previously mentioned pedometer. The “simplest” one is considered iPod Shuffle, since it only supports playing tracks, creating playlists and the ability to connect VoiceOver (the program allows you to listen to the names of artists and other information about the device).

Do not confuse iPhone, iPad and iPod, as these devices are radically different from each other both in external parameters and in “stuffing”, and, accordingly, in purpose. The main differences between the considered iPod type, in addition to the main function of the device, are:

  • the absence of a SIM card slot makes standard exchange of calls and SMS impossible;
  • less memory in comparison with smartphones and tablets from Apple;
  • Retina display even on older iPods
  • narrowed range of applications for the line of iPods that support Internet access;
  • the lowest cost among all devices of the “apple” brand;
  • better sound quality compared to other devices.

Thus, the iPod is just an improved modification of the popular brand's audio player.

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