What is Apple TV and what is it for

What is Apple TV and what is it for

Many users are interested in the question of what is Apple TV – a video device designed to watch products purchased from iTunes on a home TV.

Why do you need Apple TV

Consider why this device is needed. This gadget from the company Apple is a small form factor network device designed for downloading and then playing media content on a TV.

The gadget works over the Internet TV protocol and is synchronized with the latest generation of IPTV.

Services from which you can play media files Apple TV:

  • ITunes;
  • YouTube;
  • Netflix;
  • Flickr 7.

This receiver can reproduce information taken from gadgets that run on Mac operating systems or Windows.

The average cost Apple TV in Russia is 5.3 thousand rubles.

Films and series

With the help of such a set-top box from Apple, you can watch movies and TV shows in good quality 4K HDR.

What is Apple TV and what is it for

In the media library, the user will find a variety of genres: from blockbuster to the latest news and weather forecast. Programs for children, concerts, podcasts and much more are available for viewing.


To play music through this device, you need to purchase a subscription. There are various options for such a service: student, annual, individual, family. A free trial is provided.

A subscription gives you access to 40 mlg of songs that you can listen to online and without ads.


Airplay is a technology designed to transfer audio and video content from a computer, tablet or mobile phone to a set-top box.

In order for the system to work properly, you must:

  1. Install the latest software.
  2. Check device compatibility.

This technology is not designed to transfer data between devices from iOS or from the device iOS to a Mac computer.

Other possibilities

The gadget allows you to display on the TV screen all media files from iPad, iPhone or Macbook a user.

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Another feature is managing the HomeKit ecosystem using the Home app.

Through this gadget, it is permissible to play games, which can be selected in the built-in media library.

How to connect Apple TV

Many users have a question about how to connect to Apple TV. The set-top box must be synchronized with your home TV. In this case, the TV must have a connector for an HDMI cable or Wi-Fi.

To access all the functions and capabilities of the set-top box Apple, it is recommended to use a wired connection via an HDMI cable. When connecting Apple TV via WI-FI, iTunes will not be available.

HDMI cable is not included in the set-top box from Apple.

For the synchronization procedure, you need to prepare:

  • set with device Apple TV;
  • TV with HDMI cable connector;
  • cable;
  • provide an internet connection.

To connect, you need to do the following:

  1. Using an HDMI cable, connect the set-top box to your home TV.
  2. Turn on the gadget and TV. If the connection is correct, the hardware setup menu should appear.
  3. Turn on the remote control. To do this, you need to click on the touch surface of the remote control.
  4. Perform initial setup.
  5. Set the interface language, region and Siri (virtual personal assistant).
  6. Connect to the Internet and activate your accounts on the services.

What is Apple TV and what is it for

Now the set-top box Apple is working, you can download and play multimedia content from your devices and through the available services right on the TV screen.

If the set-top box and TV are synchronized using an Internet cable, then it is also inserted into the device, and all other steps are repeated as when connecting via an HDMI cable.

Advantages Apple TV in comparison with analogues

A set-top box from Apple has a number of advantages in comparison with similar devices. Other gadgets have a narrow range of possibilities, they are intended either only for television, or only for games. And in the prefix from the company Apple both of these functions are present.

This set-top box differs from Smart-TV in a simple, convenient and intuitive interface. It is designed by analogy with applications for devices with an operating system iOS.

The remote control Apple has a convenient touch panel, it is also equipped with an accelerometer and gyroscope, which allow you to diversify the gameplay. This remote control does not need a battery, it charges using the Lightning cable that comes with the console. One battery charge lasts for several months.

All previously purchased media content purchased from iTunes can be transferred to the console's gallery.

You can install an application with a karaoke function on this gadget – this is another difference from similar consoles.

You can connect wireless acoustics to the set-top box using Bluetooth, all gamepads with the MFI mark.

In comparison with competitors, the prefix from Apple offers licensed content at more affordable prices.

The gadget is equipped with the latest memory management technology: applications are not downloaded completely, but in parts. This means that only the part that is needed now for normal operation is loaded. The rest of the elements are gradually loaded, and the unnecessary ones are deleted.

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