What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

After purchasing a watch from Apple, you have to spend some time learning the main applications, figuring out how the clock works, and learning how to operate this smart device. Questions also arise: Digital Crown in Apple Watch, what it is, how to use this tool, how it is more convenient to use it.

Outwardly, this gadget looks like a stylish mechanical watch. The Digital Crown wheel in Apple Watch imitates the crown, but not as primitive as that of a mechanical watch, but capable of performing many useful functions – the Digital Crown is designed for this. There are hundreds of applications running on Apple Watch, most of them have Digital Crown as their basic management tool.

What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

The Digital Crown can be pressed and rotated, and various device control functions are associated with these actions.

Swimming mode use

The watch is made of high-tech materials, their use allows you to wear a gadget without fear of scratching or wetting it. The device does not need to be removed when doing sports or washing dishes.

The gadget of the second and third series can be used even while swimming. To do this, you need to turn on the 'Swimming' mode, in it select the settings for the pool or pond. At the beginning of a workout, the watch will enter a special mode that prevents the display from responding to pressing.

What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

After exercising, completely remove any water that has entered the device.

  1. To do this, you need to gently turn the wheel (the screen will go into active mode and will respond to touch);
  2. Then swipe up on the clock display, in the 'Control point' system menu select the 'Water blocking' mode;
  3. After that, you need to turn the watch on its side and turn the wheel to remove the liquid from the speaker.

What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

Call Siri

Tech users Apple can control their gadgets with the built-in smart voice assistant Siri. The digital assistant can perform many functions, for example, make calls, send SMS and iMessage, suggest routes, search for information on the Internet, etc.

To use Siri in the watch, first you need to select the section 'Siri and Search' on the paired iPhone in the system menu 'Settings' and check whether tracking function for the phrase 'Hello, Siri'. After that, on the watch, you need to open the 'Settings' menu, find the subsection 'Siri' and turn on the response mode to the phrase 'Hello, Siri'.

The assistant can be called if you press and hold the wheel for a few seconds, the icon Siri will appear on the display, after that you can release the wheel and make your request.

What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

It is possible to call the assistant by voice, for this you need to wave your hand and say 'Hello, Siri', and then ask a question. Instead of waving your hand, you can touch the watch display, this action will wake it up from sleep mode, and the gadget will be ready to respond to the greeting phrase.

On smartwatches of the first and second generation, the assistant displays the response information on the screen, and in models of the third series it can still respond aloud.

Changing dials

Apple Watch give the wearer the ability to personalize the design and color of the watch face. To choose the appearance of the dial, you need to swipe the display to the right or left from one edge of the device to the other, several display options will be offered, when a suitable one appears, you need to stop scrolling through the images.

What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

Optionally, you can customize the display of the device dial.

  1. To do this, click on the Digital Crown 1 time;
  2. Then gently, but with effort, press the screen;
  3. Then, by swiping to the right or to the left, you can select the element that will change (for example, change the color of the arrows), after selecting the element to be changed, you need to turn the wheel.
    What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

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Extensions are small third-party add-ons that are built into applications. To change the extensions, you need to swipe the screen image to the left to the very edge, then click on the extension that you want to modify and turn the wheel to make the necessary changes.

What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

In order for all changes to be saved after completing the setup, you must press the wheel again, and then press the dial, then it will be used with the newly installed options.

It is also possible to make changes to the dial settings using the paired one iPhone. This is done in the Watch app, in the Watch Face Gallery section.

Take a screenshot

As with a smartphone, you can take a screenshot in the watch. To take a screenshot, you need to use the wheel and button on the side, but before that, you must enable the corresponding function in iPhone. In the Watch app, under 'My Watch', you need to select the 'Enable Screenshots' option. After that, the screenshots function will be available in the watch.

To take a screenshot, you must simultaneously press the Digital Crown and the button on the side, a dim flash will appear on the display, and a screenshot will be taken. The resulting snapshot can be viewed in the 'Photos' application on your smartphone (section 'Screenshots').

What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

Open program / return to last opened program

The watch cannot work with several applications at the same time, but it has the function of reopening the last used application. To call up a previously used program, double-click on the Digital Crown.

Return to the Home screen

If you need to return to the Home screen, just press the wheel once. When the screen is in sleep mode, a single press simply activates the display.

Activate VoiceOver

Apple Watch has built-in accessibility options: VoiceOver, zoom, font settings, and more. These features must be enabled in the watch settings under Accessibility, and in the Watch app at iPhone (the 'My Watch' tab, the 'Universal Access' subsection, the volume and rate of speech are also adjusted there).

What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

If the gadget already has voice assistant enabled Siri, then you can ask it to enable this option using the command 'Siri, turn on VoiceOver'.

What is Digital Crown in Apple Watch

VoiceOver is used to provide continuous voice guidance for user interactions with the interface, and can be activated as soon as the device is turned on for the first time. To do this, press the wheel 3 times.

When the function is enabled, Apple Watch will accompany the execution of all actions taking place with the device in a voice, for example, it will be possible to switch between the watch screens without looking at the display. 'VoiceOver' works in 27 languages ​​(including Russian) and is compatible with built-in applications from Apple (mail, maps, calendars, calls and text messages).

To control the watch in voice guidance mode, use the same gestures as in iPhone. In this mode, all actions that previously required a single click are now performed only after two clicks, for example, to start programs, you must click on the icon 2 times, and not 1.

The voice guidance can be paused, for this you need to press the screen with two fingers at the same time, after the same second touch, the voice guidance will turn on again.

To prevent the information on the screen from being visible to strangers, you can turn on a special dark display mode in the options settings on your watch (system menu 'Accessibility', section 'VoiceOver', subsection 'Dimming').

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