What to do if notifications are not received at Apple Watch

The multifunctional device developed by the company Apple for synchronization with iPhone is designed to simplify the use of standard phone functions. IWatch is designed to quickly view reminders, messages, and call logs that come to your smartphone. Incorrect configuration of the notification system about received messages or reminders can lead to the fact that the watch will not promptly notify the user.

If notifications do not come, then the reason for this may be a number of mistakes made during the startup setting of the gadget.

What to do if notifications are not received at Apple Watch

Reasons for missing notifications on apple watch

If you notice that notifications are not received on iWatch, and do not know what to do, if they do not come, then check if iPhone is in sleep mode. The developers have provided an option to send messages to the watch only if the smartphone is locked or in sleep mode. When the device is unlocked in active mode, you will not receive messages. In addition, messages opened on Apple Watch will be automatically read on the host and vice versa.

What to do if notifications are not received at Apple Watch

Messages are displayed only on the active device. Remember that if the watch is not on the user's hand, it automatically switches to lock mode.

What to do if notifications are not received at Apple Watch

The reason for the lack of notifications may be a disconnection between devices. In this case, reminders will only be sent to iPhone. To check if your wireless connection is active or to turn it on, swipe up on the watch face and check for the corresponding icon in Control Center. If the connection is active, you should make sure that you select the mode in which they work Apple Watch.

The watch will not receive notifications when the watch is in lock mode or when Do Not Disturb is enabled. When the watch is locked, a lock icon is displayed on the screen; if the 'Do not disturb' mode is active, a crescent moon icon. To activate these modes, you need to click on the corresponding icon in the 'Control Center'.

What to do if notifications are not received at Apple Watch

Setting up notifications on apple watch

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The correct operation of the notification system Apple Watch depends on the correct start-up setting of the device. By default, the watch reminder system is configured according to the notification settings itself iPhone. Accordingly, to enable an alert from a particular smartphone service, you must enable reminders on iPhone.

On iWatch it is possible to configure messages from internal programs. To do this, launch the app Apple Watch on your device, select the 'My Watch' tab and go to the 'Notifications' section. After that, you need to select the program: to duplicate the parameters of the smartphone, you should select 'Repeat iPhone', for others – 'Customize'.

What to do if notifications are not received at Apple Watch

When configuring, the option to disable notifications from third-party applications is available, for this you need to select the appropriate item and add the program to the exclusions by disabling the selected option.

Customizing Reminders

Many users prefer to customize their iWatch with more meticulous attention. To do this, in the application Apple Watch to iPhone, you must configure the parameters of each application separately. Access to custom parameters and additional settings is opened using the Customs menu item.

Reminders from the Activity app include a large number of notifications for each of the scheduled events, tasks, as well as a number of alerts when a custom level of progress has been reached. With detailed configuration, the user can choose which notifications to leave and which to disable.

What to do if notifications are not received at Apple Watch

Calendar reminders include information about scheduled events and fixed holiday dates. Email app notifications will only remind you of incoming emails. System messages iPhone cannot be systematized: they are either active or disabled.

The settings of the 'Messages' section parameters allow the user to change the signal of the received notifications, the frequency of their re-sending and a number of other options.

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