Which phone is better: iPhone or Android

The debate about which phone is better: iPhone or Android has been going on for more than a decade. We have selected compelling and objective arguments of opponents. This will allow you to understand which of the operating systems is still better.

Announced in 2007 Apple iOS and released a year later Android have been bitter rivals for over a decade. The controversy about which phone is better: iPhone or Android does not subside all this time. For all the differences, these mobile devices share some common features. But they are also not devoid of personality, which provides an audience preference for a particular type of smartphone. Let's consider what iPhone is better than Android, and whether it really is.

which is better to buy an iPhone or an android

Appearance and build quality

The flagship models of phones on Android are not inferior in quality to Apple products. Considering that the company's devices Apple belong to the 'premium' segment, then both groups of smartphones are on an equal footing. Both are characterized by:

  • lack of gaps between the elements of the case;
  • use of durable plastic, pleasant to the touch;
  • elegance, visual appeal.

If you choose which phone is better: an iPhone or a top-end Android smartphone from a global manufacturer, then there is no difference. With the caveat that the work of marketers has made the design iPhone recognizable, very popular. At the same time, phones for Android are often barely distinguishable from the outside.

which phone is better than iPhone or android


Unlike Android, iOS is proprietary software. In this debate on which is better: buy an iPhone or an Android, the latter definitely wins.

The reasons for this are hidden in the following:

  • The software is free, which has a positive effect on the cost of the mobile device;
  • features flexible, advanced customization, convenient configuration;
  • open to change by enthusiasts;
  • different operating systems are released for one device.

But iOS is more stable and reliable in work. And the voice assistant of the iPhone Siri is the clear leader. Even if you ask Siri which is better than iPhone or Android, Apple products will be preferred. Also, releases of new applications are the first to become available to owners of Apple devices. Although the list of programs designed for the two OS is similar.

than iphone is better than android

Battery capacity

iPhone is better optimized in terms of energy consumption. Therefore, the battery life is longer than that of a smartphone with a battery of the same or larger capacity. Progressive technology for the production of batteries for iPhones provides:

  • the durability of their work;
  • resistance to a large number of charge-discharge cycles;
  • shorter battery charging time.

At the same time, the characteristics of batteries for iPhone can hardly be called outstanding. Android devices are equipped with energy-intensive batteries that provide enviable autonomy. Devices on OS from Google confidently win in this parameter.

Siri which is better than an iPhone or Android


iPhone latest models use OLED displays with patented Retina technology, Super Retina. They provide:

  • increased contrast:
  • improved color rendering;
  • energy saving.

To get visual information about the quality of displays on iPhone, it is recommended to read the overview showing in detail which is better: iPhone 10 or Honor 10.

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pros to go on sale first Eighth beta versions released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for developers and public testers

However, the screens installed on top smartphones are similar in their characteristics to OLED – screens Apple. It is worth considering that the manufacturer of matrices for iPhones is Samsung.

which phone is better than an iPhone or smartphone

Camera and sound

On the sound side, there are quite a few smartphones out there that leave the iPhone far behind in sound quality. It is the same with regard to the camera: the American phone is equipped with a front and main camera, the characteristics of which can be attributed only to average. Most flagships on Android from well-known manufacturers are equipped with more advanced cameras. The only benefit Apple is the sheer number of applications and settings that make each shot truly unique.

Which is better: iPhone buy or Android

Connectors and sim cards

The latest iPhones have received two SIM cards. By the number of connectors and supported devices Android is the leader:

  • phones with two, three SIM cards are produced;
  • microSD cards are supported;
  • there is an input for connecting wired headphones;
  • the standard charger connector is universal.

Regarding the supported equipment, as well as connectors, we can say that Android is practical, functional, convenient.

Which is better: iPhone buy or Android

Accessories and spare parts

Considering the brand class, consumables and spare parts for iPhone are more expensive compared to Android. The situation is similar with the availability of spare parts. Original products Apple are offered only by authorized dealerships, and telephone users living in remote regions may encounter some problems.

There are a lot of accessories for Android:

  • headphones;
  • lenses;
  • flash cards;
  • gamepads;
  • external batteries;
  • controllers.

Unlike Apple products, they are cheaper, most models are more functional and more practical.

Which is better: iPhone buy or Android

User support

Technical support Apple is present in every major city in the country. Not every smartphone manufacturer on Android can boast of such a scale.

Therefore, in terms of service, warranty, current repair of phones iPhone is more preferable. With one small exception: the cost of spare parts, accessories, and related Apple products at the dealer is higher than the price of equipment for a smartphone by Android.

Which is better: iPhone buy or Android

The cost

It is important to remember that iPhone is a premium phone. Its price tag is appropriate. Only flagships from Samsung, Sony, Huawei or Xiaomi are offered at a similar price. But their characteristics and functionality are higher than those of the brainchild of an American manufacturer.

Which is better: iPhone buy or Android

What is the result

It is useless to convince iPhone fans, as well as Android amateurs, of the advantage of certain technologies. Each of the smartphones is unique in appearance. It also differs in functionality. Additionally, you can find out which is better from the video review of operating systems

When buying a smartphone, pay attention to the characteristics and user reviews, and not to the popularity and prestige of the brand.

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