Why Airpods 2 are unmatched: how Apple is better than other wireless models

The Airpods 2 headphones from the American brand Apple have their first mini-anniversary – exactly six months have passed since they went on sale. During this time, users managed to appreciate the capabilities of the new product and draw informed conclusions about its advantages and features.

Why Airpods 2 are unmatched: how Apple is better than other wireless models

Once again, a gadget from the ecosystem Apple was recognized as one of the best of its kind. The second generation of wireless Apple headphones fell in love with the public almost immediately.

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Airpods 2 have repeatedly been voted the best wireless model of our time. How do they outperform competing brands? Let's try to figure it out.

5 benefits of new Airpods: are they really the best of the best

  • Original design. It was the company Apple that once became the first manufacturer to treat the functional and image component of its developments with equal scrupulousness. When it comes to design, the brand is always one step ahead of its competitors. Despite the fact that the outwardly headphones do not differ from their predecessors, they invariably remain one of the most stylish wireless models on the market. Check out the visual features of Airpods 2 here.
  • Compatibility. Compact and stylish headphones work correctly in tandem with Android – devices. They connect quite quickly to smartphones or tablets on a non-native OS and are also easy to manage. Of course, the owners of 'androids' cannot experience all the charms of the magic of voice control using Siri, but otherwise the headphones function perfectly. Neither the sound quality, nor the autonomy indicators, nor the functionality declared by the manufacturer let users down.
  • Unique charging case. The novelty supports the ability to charge without using additional wires (subject to a special case). It charges easily with the wireless charger. At the same time, for supporters of conservative solutions, charging through the use of a Lightning cable remains available.
  • Ergonomics. The problem with today's popular wireless headphones is unreliable fit in the ears. Loss of compact in-ear headphones wirelessly is common. However, Airpods 2 users are hardly familiar with this problem. The clever form factor ensures a comfortable fit and prevents falling out, even during heightened user activity. The earbuds Apple can be used for gym activities, commuting, or morning jogging.
  • Reliability and correctness of work. The manufacturer tried to get rid of the shortcomings that users of previous generations of wireless headphones had to face. The new 2019 product is characterized by impeccable reliability and optimal connection speed, as well as high sound quality and a large connection radius.

Airpods 2 are capable of outperforming almost any other model. Among their trump cards: clear sound that will be appreciated by music lovers, an innovative powerful 'stuffing' (ultra-modern H1 chip), convenient control using sound commands and gestures, a compact case for wireless charging.

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