5 chips iOS 12 you might have forgotten

5 chips iOS 12 you might have forgotten

In iOS 12 there are plenty of small but interesting features that are very easy to forget about. But it doesn't matter! We have collected for you 5 cool “features” that will allow you to use more comfortably iPhone.

Search Apple Music: the song can now be found by text

Music lovers will love this feature. Heard a cool track, but don't know its name – no problem! In Apple Music on iOS 12, you can find a song not only by name, but also simply by a phrase from a verse.

How to use? To do this, enter a couple of words from the composition into the search field and select the appropriate result from the output. However, it should be noted that while the function works in a limited mode and does not find all hits.

5 chips iOS 12 you might have forgotten

Instant Geolocation

Thanks to the new option, you can instantly send your location to friends. This, for example, can come in handy when you need to meet in an unfamiliar place or, say, at a concert.

How to find? It is enough to press hard on the icon of the built-in Maps application, and then select “Send my location”. We select the addressee in messages, messenger or mail.

Timer to mute music

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Another “near-musical” feature iOS 12 will delight those who like to fall asleep to music or put their children to sleep with lullabies. Now, in the regular timer, you can set the time after which the music playback will stop. iPhone will turn off the music itself when the time runs out.

How to find? in the built-in Clock application, open the Timer tab and in the When finished section select Stop. Now just start the timer and turn on the music. You are wonderful!

Duplicate passwords warning

Another very useful feature iOS 12. In the keychain on iPhone you can now see if you have the same passwords for sites or mail services. This feature should help you make your online experience more secure – just change the same passwords. Thus, the likelihood of hacking will decrease.

How to find? You need to open Settings – Passwords and accounts – Passwords for sites and programs. Duplicate passwords will be marked with an exclamation mark.

Application restriction

Yes, let's remind you that now in the new settings menu “Display Name” you can set limits on the use of various groups of applications.

Developers, for example, propose to limit the time for games and social networks. However, the limit can be set for educational programs, fitness apps and much more. Moreover, you can limit yourself in one thing: what if it takes too much time for you to scroll Instagram – feeds with cats?

5 chips iOS 12 you might have forgotten

How to find? go to Settings – Screen Time – Usage Statistics. Here you need to find the application in the list and click on the hourglass icon. Next, set the limit and click the Add button.

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