Update CarPlay in iOS 12 and Yandex Navigator: welcome!

The app CarPlay is popular with mobile device owners Apple. It is installed in the car multimedia system and allows you to control the car electronics and the functions of a particular device. With the help of an intuitive interface, the options of the mobile device necessary for the driver are displayed on the car display.

Update CarPlay in iOS 12 and Yandex Navigator: welcome!

Update CarPlay in new iOS

With the release of iOS 12 CarPlay changes are also pending. First of all, they will concern audio applications. Major improvements:

  • improved performance;
  • accelerated startup sequence;
  • improved animation;
  • improved communication with applications.

The main gift to users was the support of third-party cartographic complexes.

Third party software support

Although Apple CarPlay supports some applications from other developers, only Apple Maps were offered to car owners for navigation. With the release of iOS 12 the situation has changed – users will be able to connect Maps Google or the well-known Waze navigator. Their manufacturers were the first to support the platform CarPlay and adapt the interface of their applications for it.

Update CarPlay in iOS 12 and Yandex Navigator: welcome!

Some users have encountered a problem: with update iOS 12 CarPlay third-party programs do not work. This should not be surprising, because the functionality of the modules is guaranteed by the manufacturer only in the final release iOS 12. In addition, some third-party map services are being finalized and will appear later.

Yandex Navigator support

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Among the third-party navigation systems supported by CarPlay, Yandex maps for iOS 12. Yandex's press service has already confirmed that the company is ready to cooperate with Apple. Now Yandex Navigator will appear on the car display. The program can be controlled by means of a sensor. The navigator will also tell you the route using notifications if another application is already running in CarPlay.

How will the platform Apple CarPlay and Yandex Navigator iOS 12 function? The benefits of this symbiosis:

  • Visual display of Yandex maps and navigation on a large touchscreen car screen.
  • Update CarPlay in iOS 12 and Yandex Navigator: welcome!

  • No need to constantly be distracted by the small display of a mobile gadget, unlocking and other manipulations with it.

It is already clear that the support of Yandex Navigator will bring many advantages to motorists, as well as increase traffic safety and save the car owner from buying an expensive navigator and related multimedia devices.

Further development of the platform CarPlay

The first to implement Apple CarPlay were companies Mercedes – Benz and Volvo. Since then, the list has expanded and today an increasing number of automakers are joining Apple CarPlay. Application support is present not only in premium cars, but also in budget versions.

In addition, automotive electronics manufacturers such as Pioneer and Alpine already produce hardware that supports CarPlay in virtually every vehicle.

Another development prospect CarPlay, promising many interesting features, will be the electric car that is developing Apple.

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