IOS 12 final release date

The upgrade to iOS 11 did not add many new features to the owners of iPhone, since the main chips went to iPad. The developers Apple have worked on bugs and, when iOS 12 comes out, they promise a lot of interesting things.

Release date in Russia

ios 12: release date in Russia

Immediately following the annual Worldwide Developers Conference Apple – WWDC 2018 – the company unveiled the first beta. The release date in Russia iOS 12 (final release) is the second half of September 2018. The OS will become available for update on supported devices. Around the same time, a presentation of the new iPhone will take place.

What's new in iOS 12?

According to the developer's statement, the final release iOS 12 promises to be the most stable OS for devices Apple. Today, Yabloko fans are concerned with the question – what will be new in iOS 12?

Productivity increase

The latter iOS promises to work faster and more productive on Apple devices. The first tests showed that:

  • the camera functions 70% faster;
  • the typing speed on the keyboard increased by 40%;
  • apps launch 50% faster.

The improvements are most noticeable on older iPhones and iPads.

Automatic app updates

iOS 12 will introduce new applications to users. Updates will apply to old utilities, in addition, they will open 2 times faster. Although Apple did not claim support for automatic software updates, a switch has appeared in the Settings section. This feature will automatically install updates for iOS 12.

FaceTime will get new life

The existing FaceTime application has been supplemented with a new option – support for group calls, in which up to 32 people can participate simultaneously. Communication takes place by voice or video. The window with the image of the speaking participant is enlarged, which allows the rest of the group to see him better.

what's new in ios 12: support for group calls

The conversation begins in the Messages app, from where the call is routed directly to a group of people.

Updating the Messages app interface

Updates touched the interface of the Messages application. The Animoji selection menu has changed. Now users are presented with a large horizontal field with characters that can be selected using swipes.

Screen Time will show statistics on application activity

In iOS 12 a new feature will appear – “Screen Time”, which allows you to track which programs users iPhone and iPad are spending time on. The function builds a graph of gadget usage, which reflects activity in installed applications and games.

what's new in ios 12: screen time

The function also allows you to limit the time of using any program. When the specified period of time is over, the application will stop turning on. This option is especially useful for parental controls.

Configuring notifications

The notifications will get finer control. Now each of them can be configured in the Notification Center without going to “Settings” – turn off the notification from the lock screen or turn off the reception sound.

what's new in ios 12: notifications

“Do not disturb” will be replenished with new options

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In Do Not Disturb mode, the user can turn off notifications temporarily or permanently. You can use the Go to Sleep option to manage the scheduled notification.

what's new in ios 12: feature

The option makes the lock screen dark and does not display any notifications. Calls and alerts will be muted until the command expires.

Augmented reality will become even more real

augmented reality in ios 12 when the final release comes out

The updated ARKit 2 technology offers:

  • Collaboration in virtual space: several users work on the same project or play in the same game session from different gadgets.
  • New extension .usdz, compatible with file manager, Safari, mail. A file of this format is available for work both on the Internet and on every device Apple.
  • Measure application, or a virtual ruler designed to measure parameters of objects.
what's new in ios 12: Measure app

There is a nuance – new chips will be available only for iPhone version 6s and higher.

Changes to “Photos”

The Photos app will become a serious competitor for Google Photos. Main innovations:

  • The search engine will allow you to find photos not only by keywords, but also by context.
  • Users will be able to share photos by sending them via iCloud.
  • A section “for you” will appear in the gallery, which provides automatic processing of pictures and videos.

The camera will expand the functionality

The camera will be able to recognize people's faces in pictures. Also, the camera will act as an engineering level, rangefinder, ruler.

Siri will get smarter

With each new version Siri it hasn't developed much. iOS 12 promises dramatic changes:

  • 40 language pairs will receive a translation function;
  • the user will be able to learn more about the life of celebrities and healthy lifestyle;
  • Siri will learn to recognize photos and sort them not only by dates, but also by the people, places, events depicted on them.

Siri is now customizable. With the ShortCuts app, the user can easily create a sequence of short voice commands.

Security and privacy to protect user data

iPhone today is no longer just an electronic device. For many, it is a repository of personal, confidential information. Therefore, I paid great attention Apple to security. The new OS iOS 12 will allow the owner of the gadget to feel protected:

  • Two-factor authorization, which implies, in addition to entering a username and password, a randomly generated code that is sent by SMS.
  • Blocking forms, pop-ups and banner ads, reducing the number of ads in the browser.
  • Encrypted group video calls. Encryption is also present in iMessages.
  • Automatic blocking of the gadget one hour after inactivity.

The listed chips iOS 12 reduce the risk of hacking when using public Wi-Fi networks, and protect against hacker attacks.

Other features iOS 12

The changes will affect other applications as well:

  • In Apple Books, it will be easier to find and read books, audiobooks.
  • Interface Apple News will have a new menu, making it easier to find news and jump to any topic.
  • “Shares” will be available for iPad. The widget will help the owner follow the market news with clear charts.

By the time the final version iOS 12 is released, many other useful features will appear in the updates.

Should you upgrade?

Based on the foregoing, it is definitely worth updating, although in iOS 12 they did not bring so many innovations as in previous versions. However, the main achievement of the new OS is stability, which the devices lacked Apple.

Until September iOS 12 operates in test mode. Therefore, users who have installed beta versions need to be prepared for some bugs that the developers promise to fix before the final release is released.

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