New features in iOS 12: 5 major changes

Evolutionary update iOS 12 was presented Apple at a presentation held at the annual WWDC 2018. Users were shown new chips iOS 12 that promise to make working with the gadget convenient and enjoyable.

Speed ​​and performance

The main innovation is productivity. According to the developers, iPhones and iPads will work faster with the updated version. The first tests showed that compared to iOS 11:

  • the camera opens 70% faster;
  • applications launch 40% faster;
  • keyboard speed increased by 50%.

The good news is that Apple does not plan to reduce the list of devices that support the new iOS. The update is available to all devices running iOS 11, even outdated models: iPhone 5S and SE, iPad mini 2 and Air, iPod Touch 6th generation.

Smart Siri just got smarter

In the updated OS Siri, it has expanded powers. Now the smart assistant can:

  • Generate shortcuts based on regular actions and habits of the user using the Shortcuts application. A directory with ready-made scripts is offered.
Chips iOS 12: Apps Shortcuts
  • Advise actions based on factors such as time of day.
  • Provide users with more facts from the life of celebrities, as well as from the world of sports, cooking and other fields.
  • At the user's request, show passwords of accounts added to the keychain.

Thanks to new abilities Siri it has become easy to learn, the user will be able to customize it “for himself”.

Enhanced Augmented Reality

The augmented reality platform was developed in iOS 12 – a multi-user mode that allows you to simultaneously view one virtual space from several devices. This feature opens up the ability for users to communicate with each other. The chip is used by developers when creating augmented reality games for two or more players.

Support for the image recognition function has expanded the authority and allows the recognition of 3D objects such as toys, sculptures. Now you can transfer highlights and shadows from material objects to augmented reality objects.

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple ordered foldable foldable displays from Samsung iPhone

Along with the installation of iOS 12 on mobile gadgets, Measure will open, which will be the first application to support augmented reality. It functions as a virtual ruler and allows you to measure distances and parameters of geometric shapes through the camera.

new chips iOS 12: Measure app

Unlike other features, AR updates will only be available for iPhone version 6s and higher.

New Animoji and Memoji

Describing the features iOS 12, it is worth noting the appearance of the Memoji function. This is a new type of interactive Animoji stickers. Memoji lets you create user-like emojis from a vast catalog of hairstyles, accessories, and other customizations.

new chips IOS 12: Memoji

The user can create multiple images at once for use in applications, messages and FaceTime.

In iOS 12, the technology for creating emoji has been improved:

  • funny stickers recognize the user's language and show it;
  • added four characters: tiger, koala, dinosaur and ghost;
  • heroes have become more expressive thanks to improved graphics.
chips IOS 12: new Animoji

A nice gift for fans Apple is the use of Animoji and Memoji directly in the camera, which makes it possible to share videos with them not only through messages, but also other applications.

Improved notifications

Every day, the user receives hundreds of notifications that distract from his business. In iOS 12 there are new resources that allow:

  • Turn off notifications from specific apps for a time or permanently with the enhanced Do Not Disturb option.
  • Turn off notifications during sleep.
  • Set up a schedule for the appearance of notifications.
  • Group lock screen notifications. You can expand such a group by swiping down.
  • Manage notifications of a given application directly from the lock screen: turn on sound, go to settings.
chips IOS 12: manage notifications

And users will learn and try full information about the innovations when they install the new version of the OS on a mobile device;)

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