How to easily download files from social networks to iPhone? Let's tell!

Opportunities iOS by default are limited to saving pictures from the Safari browser. Nevertheless, thanks to quick commands in the new operating system, we finally got the opportunity to download various media files from social networks, including videos. What needs to be done for this? We will explain below.

How to simply download files from social networks to iPhone?  Let's tell!

The first thing you should do is install the Commands app if you haven't downloaded it yet.

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After that, add the Social Media Downloader command, with which you will download files. Just go from your iPhone to the link below and click on the “Get a quick command” button.

To download files, you need to open the desired content in a browser or application, click on the “Share” button and call up “Quick commands”. In the menu that appears, select the SMD script and wait a couple of seconds for it to be processed.

After that, the quality selection dialog will appear and the file download will begin. This can take from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the size.

This simple method allows you to download YouTube videos, media files from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many other applications.

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