App of the day: Streaks for Apple Watch

App of the day: Streaks for Apple Watch

Streaks is Apple Watch – the app is literally designed to help you develop good habits and get better every day. It's worth a try, although the price of the program “bites”.

In total, the application will help you overcome six basic habits. This is done specifically so that your attention is focused on several goals, and the fire in your eyes does not go out too quickly.

App of the day: Streaks for Apple Watch

The watch screen will display reminders to complete the task, a complete list of selected habits, and progress with an indicative percentage of completion. Motivates!

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In the settings, you can choose the visual design, frequency and sound of reminders. Nice bonus: integration with the standard Health app will allow you to add exercise tasks. It is interesting that in case of regular execution of tasks, the program will offer to increase it.

Price: 379 rubles

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