Apple iPad 2017: the ultimate entertainment device

In 2016, the first budget device from the company Apple was shown, namely a smartphone iPhone SE. Few experts have expressed confidence that the gadget will be successful. However, what happened happened – iPhone SE has become one of the most bought devices of the company in a short period of time.

A year later, the Cupertinians decided to repeat the success, only the phone was shown, but the tablet – the fifth generation iPad. The model is a continuation of a number of devices that appeared in the early 2010s. With the more recent Air line, not many details unite the novelty. Let's look at everything in more detail.


The 2017 iPad is almost the same as the first generation of the Air line. The difference between them is quite scanty – there is no button on the side to lock the orientation or turn off the sound and the presence of a fingerprint scanner. Since there are no personal accessories for this product yet, and may not be available, they can be used from the Air model.

If we compare the device with the company's high-tech tablets, it will no longer seem so attractive. A lot of weight, thickness, only two speakers – all this has long been in the past. But, if you need a tablet only for stable work with any applications, as well as a more or less pleasant design, then iPad 2017 is definitely for you.

At the time of purchase, one of the three available colors is provided – silver, black-gray and pale gold.

Apple iPad 2017: the ultimate entertainment device


The device is capable of boasting a traditional 9.7-inch screen for the line. Retina resolution – 1536×2048 pixels. However, there is one drawback – the presence of an air gap between the glass and the matrix, which is why the sensations from touching are not so pleasant. True, if you have previously used any tablet from the old line, then it will be completely invisible.

Slightly worse than the new tablets and brightness – in direct sunlight it is not as pleasant to work as on the same Air 2. But at home it is a pleasure to use it – the quality of 264 pixels per inch ensures that there is no graininess for the naked eye. Also, the appearance of the picture does not change in any way when you look at it from angles.


The main advantage of the tablet is its hardware. The outdated, but still powerful A9 (for comparison, the Air 2 has only A8X) is integrated here for two cores with a frequency of 1.85 GHz. It is also paired with the M9 motion coprocessor, which significantly improves performance in heavy games and applications. Responsible for the graphics processor PowerVR GT7600.

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Apple iPad 2017: the ultimate entertainment device

1. Processor performance

Apple iPad 2017: the ultimate entertainment device

2. Comparison with other devices Apple

Thanks to the installed 2 GB of RAM, the user can easily use several applications at the same time, open a large number of links in the browser, without fear that they will have to be downloaded again later. To download personal data, either 32 GB or 128 GB of internal memory is provided. Traditionally, there is no support for 'flash drives'.

Apple iPad 2017: the ultimate entertainment device 3. Assessing the overall performance of the tablet

As a result, the tablet is ideal for games and work, since the hardware, without brakes, pulls out any applications, and, thanks to the newest IOS 11, the device turns almost into a full-fledged one MacBook. A pleasant impression is left by the operating time without recharging – the 7500 mAh battery allows you to work or play on the tablet for up to 10 hours without interrupting documents. In fact, these figures are even underestimated. I have never been able to land a fully charged device in a full day of use.

Photo and video

Few tablets have an excellent camera. On iPad 2017, they installed identical iPhone 5S optics – 8 megapixels, only without the LED flash. With its help, you can calmly photograph both people and documents, in sufficiently well-lit rooms or on the street without fear that then something will not be able to make out. In the dark, the quality decreases, largely due to the lack of flash. Video shooting is performed in Full HD quality, although, in 2017, almost everyone has the ability to shoot in 4K.

The front camera is present, but, again, far from the top one – 1.2 Mp with a resolution of 960×1280 pixels. For selfies, it will do, but no more, and it is better to view pictures on this camera either from the same tablet or from a phone, since grain will already begin to appear on the large monitor.


The tablet supports most wireless Internet standards, and if you pay a substantial sum (almost 20% of the price), the device also gets a slot for installing a SIM card. In this case, it will be possible to have access to the Internet around the world in networks from 2G to 4G. Responsible for navigation are GPS and GLONASS.

The device is equipped with a large number of additional sensors that make the device easy to use. These include: a screen position sensor, a light and distance sensor, a gyroscope, a compass and a fingerprint scanner located next to the 'Home' button.


In Russia, the minimum price for a tablet is 25 thousand. For devices Apple this cost is too low. Now fancy iPad Pro is estimated at least 45 thousand. Should you pay extra for add-ons such as peripherals, accessories, a faster processor and a better screen if you need a tablet for games and simple work? Of course not!

This tablet is ideal for everyday use and entertainment, and there is no doubt that its popularity will go through the roof.

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