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Today it is difficult to imagine a smartphone without a camera. Top phone makers are competing to be the leader in this area. A rare announcement is devoid of mentioning the place of the cameraphone in the DxOMark ranking. The company Apple is rightfully the trendsetter in this area, and the cameras of its devices occupy the top positions in all kinds of polls and ratings. It is easy to find photos taken on the iPhone 10 on the Internet that are not inferior in quality to the result of professional cameras. In the article, we will tell you about how to take pictures on the iPhone X, what effects and settings are available to the user, and show examples of photos taken by the top ten.

Photos taken with iPhone 10 X. How to take pictures, examples

Camera specifications

Let's start with technical information. The main camera of the iPhone X is a dual 12 megapixel with a wide-angle telephoto lens. There is an optical and tenfold digital zoom, double optical stabilization. The f / 1.8 aperture of the wide-angle lens gives excellent results when shooting photos at night with the iPhone 10. In addition, we mention the AI ​​built into the chipset, the machine learning algorithms of which bring the quality of shooting closer to expensive cameras. To understand how to use these features, we will describe the basic nuances of how to take photos on the iPhone X.

photos taken with iPhone 10

How to take pictures with iPhone 10

Company Apple has supplied iPhone X with more than just a great camera. Software, built-in modes and machine learning on a dedicated A11 Bionic processor chip make it really easy to capture high-quality photos and videos.

photo from iPhone 10

No additional configuration

Once you open the Camera app, you can easily adjust the white balance, focus, or other parameters. Press the capture button and the algorithms will do everything for you. The smartphone will take into account the illumination of the scene, the dynamics and location of the subject and select the appropriate mode.

photos on iphone x

Burst shooting

If the subject is moving all the time, then it is difficult to 'catch' a good shot. Use the burst function for this: hold down the shutter button and hold it. In this mode, the camera takes 10 frames per second, and you will have the opportunity to choose the best shot from a series of photos.

HDR mode

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This mode will simplify the work with the lighting of the frame. With HDR enabled, the camera takes multiple shots at different exposures and then stitches them. The result is one photo with better lighting.

how to take pictures on iPhone x

Portrait Mode

It is also called bokeh effect. In this mode, the two cameras create a depth-of-field effect where the subject appears clearly against a blurred background. There are four portrait lighting styles available to the user: Daylight, Studio Light, Contour Light, and Stage Light. The Camera app will warn you when you are too close or far from your subject, or the area is too dark.

photos taken on iPhone x

Night shooting

Night photography deserves a special mention. All commentators, without exception, note the high quality of photos taken on the iPhone X at dusk or in low light. Aperture of the main lens, combined with HDR mode, adjustment algorithms and post-processing of the frame, truly works wonders. Photos are sharp, without 'grain' and flare, etc. You can also 'play' with manual exposure, and optical stabilization on both lenses will not allow the frame to 'blur'.

sample photos on iphone x

Editing and Filters

Not the last place in the final result is played by the rich editing and post-processing capabilities of the iPhone 10. In the 'Photos' application, you can quickly process a picture, apply filters, crop and prepare a photo for publication on the Internet. The user has access to 'instant improvement' – photo modification based on built-in algorithms for improving exposure, contrast and saturation. By manually adjusting light and color, the picture will become more individual and 'rich'. In addition, dozens of built-in filters with color effects are available: 'Vivid', 'Dramatic', 'Mono' or 'Silver'.

pictures on iphone x photo @feyukari

Sample photos

It is endless to describe modes and additional functions. Not to be unfounded, here are some examples of photos taken on iPhone X:

photos taken on iphone x

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