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iPad from Apple has not changed its appearance for the last five years, there was no need for this, tablets with an 'apple' have always been in demand. But last year the company released the iPhone X, where it revised its attitude to design: the display frames were reduced, the body material changed, and recognizable details appeared. So the new one iPad Pro Apple decided to update, make it distinctive among the internal line and tablets of third-party firms.

Users named the device by default iPad X because of the similarity of the changes to the smartphone of the same logo. The developers have focused on reducing the thickness, transferring the functions of the physical button to the sensor and other changes related to security and 'smart' OS.

New iPad Pro from Apple


The presentation of the new iPad Pro 2018 took place on October 30th. The tablet is difficult to compare with other products of the company and offerings of competitors. The device received an updated design and the best technical equipment from Apple. The size of the device has decreased by 25%, and the screen has increased, all by reducing the side frames. The thickness of the device is 5.9 mm, the engineers managed to fit compact speakers into this volume. The first thing that catches your eye is the display or IPS panel of 11 and 12.9 inches with minimal bezels. Moreover, the screen is solid, without notches and side panels, even TrueDepth face recognition sensors were able to hide without sacrificing appearance. An edge-to-edge screen has 20% larger work area, making it easier to type, play or watch videos.

iPad Pro came in two versions, with 11 and 12.9 inch displays. The younger and older models received a face recognition function, a processor iOS 12 Bionic and minimal frames. Rumors of a frameless display did not come true, a narrow border remained to make the tablet comfortable to hold.

New iPad Pro 2018

Apple pencil

In iPad Pro 2018, the work tool has evolved into a digital miracle. With the stylus, it's easy to draw, draw or mark up. The pen is sensitive, one press is enough to switch modes. Apple The pencil is equipped with magnets and attaches to the side of the device, it sounds a click when connected, and then it automatically starts charging.

One piece design with no removable parts for easy storage. The nib is matte, does not slip in your hand, you do not need to be distracted every time you switch tools when working. The accessory reacts to a double tap.

With the Apple pencil, you can write notes, paint in color or sketch, mark up in email and take screenshots. The thickness of the line depends on the intensity of pressing the pen; when tilted, the hatching mode appears.

The developers managed to achieve a repetition of the hand movement, the display lag is not visible to the human eye. The goal of the engineers was to create a tool that would replicate the characteristics and feel of a real pencil or brush.

Apple pencil for iPad Pro 2018

Smart Keyboard Folio

The new iPad Pro is equipped with a comfortable keyboard located on both sides. When folded, the tool acts as a cover, does not interfere with the work with the sensor and protects the tablet from drops or other mechanical impact.

The Smart Keyboard Folio attaches to the case using magnets. To turn it on, turn the keyboard around with one movement of your hand. In addition, the cover is used as a stand, just unfold the flaps at the desired angle and fix on a horizontal surface.

Smart Keyboard Folio features:

  • switching modes 'italics', 'boldness', etc. is done with one touch;
  • to copy and paste text, make two light movements with your fingers;
  • using a special keyboard shortcut, you can navigate from one application to another, open the search box and perform other commands.

No wires are needed to connect and disconnect the keyboard. The connection to the tablet is via magnets. To get started, bring the Smart Keyboard Folio to iPad Pro, the two devices are connected instantly. When disconnected from the device, an electronic keyboard appears on the screen automatically.

Liquid Retina display with ProMotion technology

iPad Pro 2018 has slightly rounded edges, like the iPhone 10. The Liquid Retina display reproduces the most natural colors at different times of the day. As in smartphones, iPad Pro received support for True Tone technology, program sensors read the lighting level and automatically adjust the white color level. What does it do? Reduced the likelihood of glare when viewing in any position, eyes are less strained when working with the screen.

ProMotion Technology is a new invention from Apple. This program controls the refresh rate of images, which gives instant feedback to every action.

Display iPad Pro 2018

No Lightning, USB-C port

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple will announce the launch of iPhone 12 from day to day

iPad Pro for the first time received a USB Type-C connector instead of Lightning, which allows you to use the tablet with maximum efficiency, charge the device using an 18W device. Included is a USB-C to cable that works with the following options:

  • for charging iPhone, iPad and iPod;
  • for fast charging with 29W, 30W and 87W adapter;
  • to connect to a personal computer to fix problems or transfer photo and video files.

The cable is used to charge accessories or to use the device as a modem.

Face ID now also on iPad Pro

Instead of the already outdated function of unlocking using fingerprints, Apple in the new iPad replaced with Face ID – recognition of the owner's face. The technology is responsible not only for security, with the help of Face ID it is easy to make purchases, enter locked applications.

For Face ID to work, the device can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Face ID at iPad Pro 2018

Dock and other gestures from iPhone

iPad Pro provides a Dock that allows you to navigate from one application to another regardless of position. Multitasking function work:

  • the Dock is located at the bottom of the display. To enable, swipe up from the bottom up the screen;
  • customize the left side of the panel by moving your favorite applications there, for this you need to hold down the program with your finger and drag it to the Dock. Removal follows the same principle.

Split View allows you to work simultaneously with two applications on the principle of 'Picture in Picture'. For example, you look at photos and immediately turn on the email message box. Both windows will be displayed on the screen. And with the help of Slide Over, you can open the application already over the included ones.

Moreover, the functions of the tablet make it possible to drag photos, text or other files from one application to another while viewing them.

A12X Bionic processor

iOS 12 Bionic became the most powerful processor among devices Apple. According to company managers, productivity has increased by 92% and is comparable to more expensive or professional devices. The processor demonstrates revolutionary performance and processing power.

Now the younger and older models have even more differentiation. Users who can pay more than 100 thousand rubles for a tablet will receive an increased amount of RAM – 6 GB.

Graphics 2x faster

Processor iOS 12 Bionic with an artificial intelligence chip and a seven-core video accelerator of its own design. A separate module is responsible for data processing speed. All of these features increased graphics performance by 35%. Augmented reality applications work differently, images have become more realistic.

Graphics have become faster by increasing the RAM. RAM iPad Pro is now 6GB and total memory ranges from 64GB to 1TB.

iOS 12 Bionic to iPad Pro

2 Smart HDR cameras

Usually tablets are rarely equipped with high quality cameras, this feature is considered less important for a laptop. But iPad Pro was an exception. The main 12 megapixel camera and the 7 megapixel front camera received an ultra-sensitive matrix, the ability to shoot in the 'Portrait' mode and record video in 4K format. Combine that with image stabilization, 5-element lens, slow motion video, and autofocus.


The battery is 29.37 W lithium polymer for the younger model, and 36.71 W for the 12.9-inch tablet. The developers have promised up to 10 hours of continuous work on the Internet.

Owners of new ones iPad Pro can now charge their iPhones through the tablet, which is convenient in case of unforeseen situations. True, for this you will have to buy a cable with USB-C connectors to Lightning, which costs from 1,790 rubles.

Price aside, iPad Pro is a coveted 2018 purchase. New developments of the best engineers and designers were reflected here, even the technologies of the future were affected. Perhaps such a purchase is even more seductive than a new iPhone.

Battery iPad Pro 2018

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