IOS 12 on iPad Air 1, 2

The company Apple presented a new version of the OS iOS 12, which in the fall can be installed free of charge on devices running iOS 11. It does not impose any special requirements on technical resources device and will work properly on outdated models, including iPad Air 1, 2.

The developers paid special attention to optimization, refinement and polishing of the existing functionality, which greatly increased the performance of the OS. The presentation stated that iOS 12 on iPad Air will function 2 times faster than the previous version. Indicators are given:

  • applications open 40% faster;
  • the keyboard is 50% more responsive;
  • the camera works 70% faster.

Thus, the performance under load is doubled.

New features in ios 12 on the first and second generation ipad air

With the installation of iOS 12, iPad Air has increased productivity and speed, and also acquired new features. Some of them:

  • The application “Dictaphone” has appeared. The principle of operation, as in iPhone, allows you to start, stop, save and edit a recording using the simplest tools.
iOS 12 iPad Air: Voice recorder
  • IBooks has been redesigned:

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    iBooks in iOS 12 beta iPad Air
  • Extended “Augmented reality”. Now multiple users can participate in one virtual reality. This will allow you to create and view files from different devices, work on one project, play one game.
  • The functions of protecting confidential data have been improved.
  • There is a new option in “Settings” – “Screen Time”, which allows you to set time limits for access to programs.
  • There is a new type of Animoji – Memoji. They look more like human faces than traditional emoticons and are customizable by changing different facial features.
Memoji at iOS 12 on iPad Air

New iOS working on iPad

iPad Air is a functional gadget suitable for work and complex tasks. However, the first generation models suffered the most from the performance hit. With the introduction of iOS 12 beta, iPad Air has a new lease on life, almost doubling productivity.

iPad First generation Air

iOS 12 represents the latest generation of OS Apple and it should come as no surprise that it will not support some of the older devices. Before upgrading the device to iOS 12, it is recommended to check if it is included in the list provided.

iOS 12: iPad Air in the list of compatible devices

iPad Air 2

iPad The Air 2 is technically superior to its predecessor, as it is equipped with an improved processor, increased RAM and built-in memory. Therefore, when set to iPad Air 2 iOS 12, it will work harder than iPad Air.

In addition to increasing productivity and speed, the updated OS iPad Air 2 also acquired new gestures:

  • Return to desktop: Pull an open application from the bottom to the middle until it collapses.
  • Open Control Center: Swipe down from the top-right corner.
iPad Air 2 iOS 12: open
  • Access Dock: Pull from the bottom of the screen and hold.
  • Open notifications: Swipe down from the top left corner.

The gestures offered in iOS 11 are still valid in the new OS version.

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