Oops! New iPad Pro Failed Strength Test

Oops!  New iPad Pro Failed Strength Test

New ones iPad Pro went on sale only yesterday, but bloggers have already had time to “throw” an expensive device. A team of tech bloggers GizmoSlip conducted a crash test of the “apple” tablet: the poor fellow was thrown on the asphalt from different sides, checking its stability.

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In total, GizmoSlip made six attempts to “kill” iPad. At first, the tablet performed well – only dents and scratches appeared on the case. The camera was the first to “surrender”: I managed to break it on the fifth attempt, dropping the tablet with its back side.

When iPad was put to the test for the sixth time, the gadget gave up. The slow motion recording shows how deep cracks instantly appeared on the tablet screen. Thus, the gadget is no longer functional.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that iPad Pro 2018 turned out to be much stronger than its predecessors and showed a good result. And we advise you not to throw your gadget on concrete – then it will certainly serve you for a long time!

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