Battery in iOS 12: Better?

In June 2018, new software from Apple became available in beta vs. While the firmware is available to developers and fans of the series with a subscription to Apple Developer. Hundreds of articles with descriptions and characteristics of the platform appeared on the Internet at once. More attention is deserved by reviews on what is the battery on iOS 12, because for 7-8 years this topic continues to excite users of a fashionable smartphone.

Battery in iOS 12 beta

In the new platform, the team Apple tried to optimize the battery on ios 12. According to the idea of ​​engineers, the program will adapt to the habits of a person, analyze his actions and process tasks “smarter”.

Detailed battery usage statistics (discharge graph)

A new feature has been added to the software for 2018. On iOS 12, battery consumption is now visible in detailed statistics in the Settings section. What it gives:

  • a graph of energy consumption hours is visible;
  • information is available on the average time of using a smartphone with a working and non-working screen;
  • the ability to turn off the application that “consumes” the charge here.
ios 12 battery: innovations and pros

The manufacturer also announced the function of tracking the operating time of each application. In beta vs iOS 12, the service does not work on every device, but they promised to fix these problems in the final version.

Does the battery drain quickly?

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The ability to keep charging for a long time depends on the operating conditions. If you do not take into account the statements of the developers, but focus only on the assessment of users, then for iOS 12 the battery for 4 hours of active use (when 14-15 applications are running simultaneously) lost a little more than 30%. Accordingly, in the same or a similar mode, the battery will last for 10-11 hours.

ios 12 battery: innovations and pros

Battery test IOS 12 beta vs IOS 11.4

Already in the first reviews of testing how iOS 12 consumes the battery, there were ambiguous assessments. After 2 weeks of operation, users noted a deterioration in battery quality compared to the 11.4 platform. But a month later, the assessment vector changed in the opposite direction. This fact confirms that new software takes time to adapt to the owner and remember his habits and peaks of activity.

Battery in final version iOS

The final version of the platform will be released in mid-September. By this time, the developers have promised to take into account all the problems identified during the trial run. In the final version iOS 12 will receive the claimed performance and the battery will receive improved optimization.

Should I upgrade to iOS 12 for the battery?

It was announced at the presentation that all series of smartphones, including models 5 and 5s, will receive new support. But it remains a mystery how adapted the new software is and whether it will fit the models released more than 6 years ago? 2 months after the launch of the platform, it became clear that the experience was successful. Two facts speak in favor of the update:

  • the ability to identify applications that consume battery iOS 12 beta;
  • the ability to monitor battery consumption by viewing hours of use.

Downloading new software is worth not only for the improved interface for displaying battery charge. Version iOS 12 brings many more innovations: performance and optimization, support for group calls, ARKit 2.0 augmented reality platform. But it's better to wait for September and install an OS with fixed bugs on your smartphone. beta vs is still unstable: some applications freeze or simply do not work.

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