Best copy Apple Watch

Best copy Apple Watch

In addition to the original Apple Watch, today you can buy many replicas of Chinese manufacturers. For the reason that the original gadget is 5 times more expensive than copies, a large number of customers are looking for a quality replacement for the original smart watch. One of the best copies of Apple Watch is the 'IWO-2' smartwatch. The device is considered to be an exact replica of the original gadget. Such a multifunctional watch belongs to the premium class and gives the owner an excellent opportunity to be fashionable, keep fit and even receive calls when the phone is not nearby.

Best copy Apple Watch

Main characteristics

The packaging box of the watch is larger than the original one, but made of expensive and high-quality cardboard. The structure of the package and its holders are also very durable and reliably protect the smartwatch during transit.

The IWO-2 comes with a charging cable and instructions with high-quality Russian translation of the text.

The watch display is protected from damage by a durable film, under which there is another permanent protective film. The protection is also glued without folds and air bubbles.

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The gadget is characterized by the ability to operate a SIM card that is connected to a mobile device, and the OS is written in Java format. Smart watches are also equipped with Bluetooth, 3G Internet, voice recorder. The battery lasts an average of five days.

How to connect to a smartphone

To synchronize the watch with a smartphone, you need to have the 'SmartWatcHelper' program, in which you will need to follow the instructions:

  1. In the access settings, activate the assistant.
  2. Go to alert settings.
  3. To turn on the watch, hold down the power key.
  4. Enter the settings Bluetooth and synchronize with the device.
  5. Turn on your phone and find your smartwatch.

Best copy Apple Watch


With the correct connection, the IWO-2 opens up the following possibilities:

  • make and receive calls;
  • use messages;
  • make calls from the watch;
  • use a pedometer;
  • synchronize with the phone's timer and alarm clock;
  • control the actions of the camera.


The advantages of the best Apple Watch replica include:

  • reasonable affordable price;
  • high-quality and chic design of the device;
  • a well-established connection with a mobile phone;
  • the battery charge of the gadget keeps well;
  • bright and practical interface.

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