How much Apple Watch

A smartwatch manufactured by an American company Apple makes working with iPhone more comfortable. They allow you not only to keep track of time, but also to monitor physical activity, view notifications, answer calls and perform other actions. The company produces several modifications of such watches. To understand how much Apple Watch costs, you should decide which series you are interested in.

The cost of watches Apple Watch of the first series in Russia

The most budgetary ones Apple Watch belong to the first series. In Russia, they can be purchased at a price of just over 15 thousand rubles. The model is compatible with smartphones iPhone 5 and above and supports the platform iOS 8. The case is made of aluminum and can be of different colors: silver, black, gold or rose gold. The strap is made of silicone, the diagonal of the illuminated OLED display is 1.32 or 1.5 inches. The dial is covered with a scratch-resistant tempered glass and is splash-proof to IP 67.

How much Apple Watch

The cost of the second series Apple Watch

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Apple Watch Series 2 will cost a little more – they can be purchased for rubles by paying from 19 thousand and above. The differences from the first series include an increase in display brightness: now it is 1000 nits versus 450 nits for Series 1. The manufacturer also improved water resistance, bringing it to the WR50 class: now the smart gadget can withstand not only splashes, but can also be under water at a depth up to 50 m without sacrificing functionality.

The color scheme of the case remained the same, but the battery capacity increased: for the models of the second series it reaches 273 mAh (Apple Watch Series 2 38 mm) or 334 mAh (Apple Watch Series 2 42 mm). Previously, this figure did not exceed 250 mAh. The model of the second series has a dual-core processor that improves the speed of the gadget. It also has a built-in GPS module that allows you to monitor the number of steps taken on the dial.

How much Apple Watch

How much does Apple Watch third generation cost

The cost of a third generation watch starts at 20 thousand rubles. In this series, the manufacturer also presented a model with a built-in SIM card. The design and dimensions of the case have remained virtually unchanged, while the number of functions has increased. For example, a sensor for monitoring sleep has been added to the calorie and physical activity counters.

The S3 processor is 70% faster than the one installed in the second series. The memory of the gadget has also increased: the operative now has a volume of 768 MB (previously 512 MB). The built-in memory for watches without LTE remains the same (8 GB), for models with a SIM card it reaches 16 GB. Another difference: a higher version Bluetooth (4.2 instead of 4.0), which allows faster data exchange over the wireless network.

How much Apple Watch

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