How to charge Apple Watch

The company's smartwatch Apple has a built-in lithium-ion battery that requires periodic charging. For these purposes, a special device in the form of a round magnet is intended, which is applied to the watch from the inside. To replenish the energy of the gadget, they use wireless technology, therefore, charging Apple Watch with charging from iPad will not work.

How to charge Apple Watch

The Apple iWatch has an interesting feature: the charging speed depends on the battery level. If it is completely discharged, then the process will go at a good speed – about 1% per minute. But when the charge reaches 80%, the speed drops dramatically, and the remaining 20% ​​will take over 40 minutes. The manufacturing company recognizes the existence of this feature and even indicates it on the official server as a charging characteristic for Apple Watch.

How to check the battery level

To check the charge level of your smartwatch from Apple, swipe up on the watch face. The control point will open, where the charge level will be indicated as a percentage.

How to charge Apple Watch

Click on the indicated value to enable Eco Mode on Apple Watch. This is recommended in case the battery charge level is low and it will not be possible to connect the device to the mains in the near future. The watch will go into a special power saving mode, which will allow you to use the available battery charge more economically. At the same time, many functions of the gadget, including interaction with iPhone, will be blocked.

In addition, there are special applications that allow you to display the battery level Apple directly on the watch face.

How to charge Apple Watch

How to connect apple watch to charger

When the charge level on Apple Watch drops to 10%, a special symbol in the form of a red lightning appears on the screen, indicating that charging time has come. If the battery is still low, the device will automatically enter Eco Mode.

How to charge Apple Watch

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Before connecting the charger to Apple Watch, be sure to remove the watch from your hand. Some users charge the battery directly on themselves, but this is contrary to the rules of safe use, which Apple strongly recommends.

The following devices are used as wireless charging for Apple Watch:

  • special case with charger;
  • charging cable Apple Watch with round attachment;
  • dock station.

You can choose any of these devices that best suits your needs. The easiest option is a magnetic cable. It is convenient to take it on the road, to the office, and transport it from place to place. The case is also easy to transport. The Magnetic Charging Dock Apple Watch can be conveniently installed as a stationary device, such as on your bedside table, to put your watch there at night.

Any charger is attached to the back of the gadget. Its location is aligned with a magnet, after which a green lightning bolt appears on the dial, indicating that the battery is filling. Even if the battery is completely discharged, the level will reach 100% in about 2 hours.

How to charge Apple Watch

The adapter for any of these attachments plugs into an electrical outlet. The magnetic cable can also be plugged into a laptop USB port, making it especially convenient when traveling.

You can also use external batteries (power banks) to charge your device on the go or in situations where an electrical outlet is not available. The Zens PowerBank device is well suited for working with iWatch, it has very small dimensions (40×40 mm) and provides 1300 mAh of charge. It can fully charge the battery 2-3 times. It is convenient to always keep such a battery close at hand, in a backpack or bag, so that you can charge your watch at any time.

It is recommended to use only branded charger for the gadget. Chinese manufacturers offer many analogs of batteries, but their use is associated with some risks. Cases have been reported when the battery of a smart watch is disrupted due to a third-party charger.

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