How to check Apple Watch for authenticity

If you decide to buy Apple Watch from your hands or from unofficial points of sale, then you risk buying stolen devices or a Chinese replica.

How to check Apple Watch for authenticity

In order not to pay a large amount for a pathetic fake, you need to know the features of the original Apple Watch:

  1. There are no connectors;
  2. It is infected by magnetic induction technology, so there are charging contacts on the back of the case; How to check Apple Watch for authenticity
  3. Special hardened body;
  4. There are no SIM or memory card inputs.

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Some of the Chinese replicas are rough and sloppy. Products often differ in color or tone. The surface of the device may not be completely flat or with scratches or other imperfections.

The original can also be distinguished by its appearance, because its details are perfectly shaped, rounded, with high resolution and the highest display quality.

In fakes, the internal contents of the gadget are often lame. For example, an Android adapted version or an operating system with unknown Chinese firmware can be used as the original iOS.

Therefore, in order to recognize a fake from the original, you need:

  1. Carefully consider the box and accessories;
  2. Check the design and the presence of unnecessary elements;
  3. View installed OS.

How to check Apple Watch for authenticity

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