How to pay for purchases with hours Apple Watch

Apple Pay is available in many countries around the world and you can use it with a watch from Apple located on your wrist. It is easy to figure out how to pay with hours Apple Watch, and you can start paying for purchases using Apple Pay today.

Contactless payment is an actively developing technology. This is the key benefit of this watch and a handy feature that helps simplify your daily life.

Setting Apple Pay to Apple Watch

The setup process is extremely simple; as a rule, there are no difficulties with how to set Apple Pay to Apple Watch. An important feature is that the watch and iPhone work with the mobile payment system independently of each other.

Despite the obvious symbiosis of the two devices, they use individual and unrelated Wallet apps; this means that you can use two separate cards. It also allows you to pay without iPhone, which is convenient if, for example, you go for a run or forgot your phone at home.

How to pay for purchases with hours Apple Watch

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To start configuring you need:

  1. Select in the watch app (on your iPhone) 'My watch' and launch Wallet & Apple Pay. You will then be taken to a section where you can enter your credit or debit card details. Any bank card will do.
  2. If you do not have a passcode configured on your device, you will be prompted to complete the setup. Contactless payment will not work without this code; this is done in order to protect funds from intruders, so that they would not be able to use the card without your knowledge.
  3. Then you scan your card with your phone camera and complete the missing information. Once you're done with this, you will be sent an email or SMS with a verification code that you will need to enter in the app on your phone.
  4. Then the bank that issued you the card will be checked, which will decide whether you can use the card in the mobile payment system. Additional information may also be required for verification, in which case a personal request will be made from the bank (this procedure does not take much time).
  5. After passing the verification, a confirmation will appear on the device that everything is ready to work.

Pay for your purchase using Apple Watch

If everything is set up, then you need to figure out how to pay in stores using your watch.

To pay for a purchase using Apple Watch, you must:

  1. Press the side button twice, bringing the watch to the terminal installed by the seller.
  2. Keep holding your hand over the terminal; an image of your card will appear on the screen and a message stating that it is ready for use.
  3. After that, you will almost immediately hear a characteristic sound or feel vibration. A check mark will appear on the watch face informing you that the transaction has been completed.

How to pay for purchases with hours Apple Watch

The mobile payment system is actively developing. In addition to Russia, you can use this function in more than 20 countries around the world. In 2018, this number will only grow.

You can make transactions through NFC in many, even small, stores in our country. In the future, there will be more places where you can pay for your purchases using this function, which means that paying with your watch will become easier and more convenient.

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