How to reboot Apple Watch

In the process of using any electronic mechanism, failures or situations occur when the device must be turned off and then turned on again. How to reboot Apple Watch, not every owner of a recently purchased smartwatch knows.

How to reboot Apple Watch

There are two push buttons on the Apple smartwatch case. With their help, it is allowed to perform any provided functionality, including enabling, disabling or rebooting Apple Watch. The functions of the keys are the same as those on iPhone:

  1. The 'Power' side button on Apple Watch performs the same action as the key on an Apple smartphone. By clicking on it, you can turn off the device. To do this, press and hold it until the display of the device turns off.

  2. The watch has a digital crown 'Digital Crown'. Pressing it responds to the 'Home' command.

It is not difficult to remember how the smartwatch reboots, you just need to repeat the sequence of actions a couple of times so that they are remembered. There are 2 ways to restart this gadget: using the menu and forced restart.

Resetting the watch using the menu

In order to restart in the first way, you need:

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    Press and hold 'Power' for a few seconds. After this, a menu with several available actions will appear on the screen, and the user will be presented with the choice to turn off the device, put it into economy mode, or lock it. In this case, we are interested in the first option.

    How to reboot Apple Watch

  2. After selecting the 'Turn off' item, you must wait until the device is completely turned off.

  3. Then you should press the side button again and hold it in this form for a while. It should be released when the Apple brand logo appears on the display.

    How to reboot Apple Watch

Hard reboot Apple Watch

In the course of using a smart wristwatch, any user may find himself in a position where it is impossible to exit to the previous menu section. In this case, it is worth performing a forced power reset of the device. If the gadget finally 'freezes' and stops responding to user actions, then restarting becomes the only way to return the device to a working state.

This procedure does not require special tools or skills from a person, since the functionality of the device is as simple and convenient as possible. To force a restart of the device, you should:

  1. Press the 'Digital Crown' and hold down the 'Power' at the same time. It is necessary to hold both keys pressed for about 10 seconds until the company logo appears on the screen.

    How to reboot Apple Watch

  2. When the manufacturer's logo reappears on the display, it means that the reboot has been completed. The side button and wheel can be released.

    How to reboot Apple Watch

There is no other way to restart Apple Watch. The first method can be used to carry out a simple procedure for rebooting the mechanism: first completely turn off and then turn on the smart watch. Well, the second considered method is more radical. It should only be used as a coercive measure when the device stops responding to any control attempts by the user.

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