How to set up Apple Watch

We bring to your attention a small instruction on activation, synchronization and initial configuration Apple Watch for future owners of this gadget. First – first, all future watch buyers need to know that the user should already have iPhone 5 or later model, Apple ID, installed iOS 8.2. and higher. If you have the above listed characteristics, and you have decided on the watch model, then you can safely buy Apple Watch.

First turn on

1. Switch Bluetooth to iPhone. To do this, you can go to 'Settings' – Bluetooth or open the 'Control Panel' with a swipe up and enable Bluetooth there. 2. Check that iPhone is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular. 3. Turn on Apple Watch. To do this, press and hold the side button (next to the Digital Crown) until the logo Apple appears on the screen. 4. After that, a menu will appear in which you must select a language. You can scroll through the list of languages ​​using swipes on the screen or the Digital Crown. How to set up Apple Watch 5. Then a window will appear on the screen Apple Watch offering to launch the application Apple Watch on iPhone. How to set up Apple Watch 6. Make sure your watch and phone are charged to minimize sync problems.

How to sync Apple Watch with iPhone

Automatic synchronization mode Apple Watch with iPhone.

1. Press the 'Start Pairing' button on the watch and a specific animation will appear on the screen. How to set up Apple Watch Also, after starting the program Apple Watch on iPhone, click 'Start Pairing' in it. How to set up Apple Watch 2. Aim the camera iPhone at Apple Watch (on the screen of which a specific animation is shown) so that the watch display is within the frames within the yellow square on the smartphone screen. How to set up Apple Watch Devices sync automatically.

Manual synchronization mode Apple Watch with iPhone.

For manual synchronization, click on the 'i' symbol in the lower right corner of the display. An identification number Apple Watch will appear on the screen. It is necessary to click in the application on iPhone menu “Pair Apple Watch Manually” and manually enter the number of hours. How to set up Apple Watch

How to set up Apple Watch

1.Once the display iPhone shows the message that the pair has been created, press the button 'Set Apple Watch as new'. 2. Depending on which hand you want to wear the watch on, select the option you want. How to set up Apple Watch 3. Next, you must agree with all the terms of the company Apple. 4. Enter your Apple ID. 5. Agree with the geolocation service by clicking on OK (you cannot refuse this step). 6. Agree to the use of Siri by clicking on OK. 7. Choose the item in which you agree or not with the automatic sending of information about errors. How to set up Apple Watch 8. Set a 4-character password. For added security, a 7-character password can be set. How to set up Apple Watch The password must be entered at Apple Watch, not at iPhone. How to set up Apple Watch Thanks to the password, you can unlock Apple Watch from your iPhone. When you enter a password on your smartphone, the watch will automatically unlock (if it is on your wrist). If the watch is not with you, you will have to enter the password every time in order to use the data on Apple Watch. Agreeing with these, click Yes. How to set up Apple Watch 9. Choose if you want all available applications to be automatically installed on the watch. (You can skip this step and install applications later.) How to set up Apple Watch 10. Synchronization with iCloud. Photos, calendars, notes, mail, messages can now be viewed on the watch. How to set up Apple Watch Setup and sync are complete. Get started and follow our next instructions for use and setup Apple Watch. Good luck!

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