Crash test iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

In September last year, sales of smartphones iPhone 8 and 8 plus began. This generation of mobile phones has a significant difference from the previous ones – a glass case. Users are accustomed to the fact that the gadget has an aluminum case, so doubts and questions are logical, which led to the iPhone 8 crash test. This is a full test of all the characteristics of the new product. Of course, today there are more 'fresh' models, but the 'eight' still does not lose its relevance, so potential owners will be interested to know how the phone will behave in extreme situations.

We suggest examining the iPhone 8 plus crash test from different sources 'under a microscope' in order to form the 'quintessence' of conclusions regarding the device's reactions to bending, falling, immersion in water, mechanical damage (scratches).

crash test iphone 8

IPhone 8 crash drop test

The most relevant iPhone 8 crash test is for a fall, since almost all people using smartphones face exactly this problem. The author of the JerryRigEverything vlog undertook to solve this problem. He threw 2 phones on the concrete surface at once:

  1. One was in a plastic protective case.
  2. The second was left without protection, “in what the mother gave birth.”

The first 2 drops did not affect the gadgets in any way, but further iPhone 8 without a case cracked the screen, and then a crack along the back cover. The smartphone, 'wearing' a briefcase, was able to withstand the shots without damage.

The other guys at the PhoneBuff blog did a crash test iPhone on the 8 Plus using special drop test equipment. Smartphones were thrown flat and dropped on the side:

  1. The flat throws showed a sad picture, as the back covers were inferior in strength to the screens. After 10 drops on the screen, the multitouch stopped functioning normally.
  2. Falling to the side did less damage as the end frame is shock-resistant. There are several scratches left on it.

Crash test iPhone 8 plus for scratches

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No less important is the iPhone 8 Plus crash test for scratches. For the objectivity of the experiment, bloggers from Everything Apple Pro used a special set, in which there were nozzles with different stiffness indicators. The results will delight the owners of “eights”, since the new generation is “injured” less than the aluminum body (the latter suffered from not even the most rigid attachments).

Another blogger, JerryRigEverything, still managed to scratch iPhone 8 and even a camera, the coating of which, according to the developers, is sapphire. The researcher found that, judging by the structure of the glass, it is not 100% sapphire, but an alloy. During the iphone 8 crash test, it was found that there is a plastic spacer between the frame and the glass screen, which not only acts as a sealant, but also protects the phone when dropped.

Crash test iPhone 8 Plus for flexion

No less interesting is the crash test of the iPhone 8 Plus for flexion. Buyers did not like the fact that the case flexed in the pocket, as was the case with aluminum cases. What about the 8th generation? Let's take a look at the test results from two well-known blogging teams:

  1. JerryRigEverything tried to bend iPhone with his hands, but he failed. It follows from this that the glass body did not bend, did not lose its tightness.
  2. The Everything Apple Pro project took a different approach. They also bent the phone with their hands, but made a tremendous effort. As a result, the iPhone 8 did not succumb to 'provocations'. The glass withstood all the loads, only for 1 moment the screen left the frame, but was able to quickly return back.

'Wet' crash test iPhone 8 Plus

Do you often drop your smartphones into water? However, once is enough for the device to stop working forever. Is this the case with the 8 iPhone? Here is a crash test iPhone 8 Plus from Jonathan Morrison, who immersed the gadget for 60 minutes in a fountain of cold water. After the smartphone was removed from the fountain, the working functions were in order.

It was fresh water. But what if the user suddenly drops the apple gadget into the sea water? The TechRax team did another iPhone 8 crash test by placing it in salt water. Even after an hour, everything worked for 5+. It is worth noting that salt can adversely affect performance later, when corrosion starts.

Summing up

Time does not stand still. Scientific progress allows us to create high-quality models of smartphones, and each iPhone 8 Plus crash test has shown this in practice. Yes, the phone is more durable and reliable, it is not afraid of bending and water, it is resistant to mechanical damage. At the same time, the iFixit service conducted a study for maintainability. Experts found that it is more difficult to repair representatives of the 8th generation. Only highly qualified experienced repairmen can cope with this task.

It seems that there can be no more perfect solution. Check the opposite by looking at the crash test iPhone X. It will clearly show that a lot can change in 2 generations!

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