IOS 12 on iPhone X: the most interesting chips

A conference Apple for developers started in June. To the surprise of those present, not a single new device was announced. All attention was focused on updating the OS, its features and nuances. iOS 12 beta iPhone X became available in the second half of June, thousands of developers and curious users appreciated the innovations of the progressive software.

iOS 12 on iPhone X: the most interesting chips

When will the final version be released iOS 12

The first beta successfully passed testing, minor flaws were revealed, so you should not start a panic. Battery performance remained at the same level, iOS 12 beta iPhone X sometimes lags, but not seriously. By mid-September, when the final version of the software comes out, these small bugs will be fixed. By tradition, new models will be presented first: iPhone X (2018), iPhone X Plus and 9, and after 1-2 weeks already the firmware.

Overview of innovations iOS 12

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple will announce the launch of iPhone 12 from day to day

iOS 12 beta in iPhone X scores 4+. Among the shortcomings can be noted rare lags while browsing the browser or launching “heavy” applications. But these jambs will be fixed in the final version of the software. But the advantages of the OS should be discussed separately:

  1. Performance. The smartphone “flies”. The increase in performance is noticeable to the naked eye.
  2. The camera works even more efficiently in the “Portrait” mode, a special mask helps face recognition. Equipped with a barcode reader button.
  3. Augmented reality in beta 1 iOS 12 iPhone X turned out to be a unique AR app. The program recognizes facial expressions, three-dimensional objects and determines their location, allows you to measure objects and distance, an indispensable function during repairs.
  4. Group FaceTime calls – the ability to organize a simultaneous conversation with several interlocutors. Invitations are sent at any time. Speaker icons move to the background and foreground depending on the person's participation in the conversation. In the application, you can change the image, pass the image through the filter.
  5. Working with images. Photos app is smarter. The program identifies important shooting, offers to send a photo to those who are captured on it. It is easy to find the desired photo by specifying the category of what is shown there: lake, forest, picnic, etc.
  6. Messages are no longer just boring text. The user can create an avatar or meme using the Animoji character. And the Memoji tool allows you to change photos without restrictions. The text effects that are now added to photos and videos will also delight.
  7. Notifications and alerts in the curtain are grouped by topic. They are easy to read and close with one flick of your finger to the side.
  8. The Screen Time app tracks the number and duration of app usage sessions. Using the tool, a restriction is set, for example, for a child and at the specified hour the game or site will be blocked.
  9. Do Not Disturb button. The mode allows you to reduce the brightness of the screen and mute the notification sound. With the help of the settings, the user selects the period of shutdown of the function by time or when changing the circumstances specified in advance.
  10. Application Siri “smarter”, quick commands are available in messages, WhatsApp, Twitter, and in the browser. Shift your daily tasks to Siri like closing tabs or updating your player. Write down the command in any form and the program will execute everything neatly.
  11. Security and privacy. In the Face ID item, an alternative image is added. Relevant if you often change your appearance or decide to give permission for access to another person.
  12. Only in iOS 12 it became possible to disable OS updates. Improvements have been made to the applications Apple Books, voice recorder and “Stock”.
iOS 12 on iPhone X: the most interesting chips

The developers have made it easier to work with tabs. Now they are closed without clicking on the red “minus” in the circle, you just need to swipe the page up. A full-fledged dark theme that fans of the line have been eagerly awaiting Apple has not yet appeared. There are only hints of its soon inclusion in the software – the dark design of the player.

How to set iOS 12 to iPhone X

Despite the “exclusivity” of preliminary versions iOS 12, from June everyone can download the software. The question is whether the update is appropriate. The OS is a test one, so it would be wiser to wait for the fall and the official presentation. But for the impatient, there are tips on how to set iOS 12 to iPhone X:

  1. The first step is to register using this link.
  2. Then go to your account Apple ID.
  3. Accept the user agreement and click on the button iOS.
  4. Select a gadget to update and download Apple Beta Software Program.
  5. Confirm installation on device, reboot.
  6. Delete old profiles.
  7. In the “Software Updates” tab, download the downloaded program and install.
iOS 12 on iPhone X: the most interesting chips

Perhaps iOS 12 did not become a digital revolution, but there is a sense of completeness, perfection of the software.

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