IOS 12 to iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

An updated version of the operating system Apple that keeps iPhones working is already presented to users. The developers claim that after installing the new version, the device's performance will improve, and the operating speed will increase. The release of the 12th version is connected with the failure of the previous one – the 11th.

The developers have worked hard on the technical part, which made it possible to achieve quick launch of applications, speed of working with the keyboard and performing actions in the Camera application.

When will iOS come out 12

The release of iOS 12 on iPhone 8 and 8+ is scheduled for the second half of September this year. At the same time, the developers offer a version that has been optimized to work on iPhones and iPods. Enhanced multitasking capabilities can be tested in the beta version available to users. iOS 12 beta 2 8 plus can be downloaded from the official website of the developer.

Work iPhone 8 plus on iOS 12


Changes in the updated version iOS affected many applications:

  • Group calls to FaceTime. Now communication with 32 interlocutors is available at the same time. During a conversation, the window with the image of the interlocutor is automatically enlarged to make communication more comfortable.
  • Faster Quik Type keyboard performance.
The appearance of the messenger on iOS 12
  • Additional functions for processing videos and photos in the Messages application. New effects or animoji are offered to the original versions of the media files.
  • Move the panel with stickers and app extensions to the top of the screen above the keyboard.
  • “Quick” shortcuts that open the contacts of the selected subscriber.
  • Augmented reality. Changes to this feature will allow owners to view objects regardless of angle.
  • Roulette application. Now, using a smartphone, you can measure the distance, determine the size of objects. This utility is also available for iPhones 8 and 8+.
using the camera at iPhone 8 s iOS 12, the length of the object is measured In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Screen Time Function

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The changes also affected the screen. Studies have shown that people keep track of time with devices. Therefore, the development team Apple decided to create the “Screen Time” feature. It allows the owner to track the usage time of the device and shows the amount of time spent on a specific application. If necessary, the operation of applications can be blocked for a certain period, so that they do not interrupt the owners from important matters.

Sleep function Additionally worth noting is the addition of a sleep function.  Activation occurs along with the mode

Sleep function

In addition, it is worth noting the addition of a bedtime function. Activation occurs in conjunction with Do Not Disturb mode. The work of the function is that notifications on arrival are not blocked by the device, but are no longer displayed. Incoming notifications remain in the notification center and are recorded chronologically.


The innovations have affected the notification center. Now it became possible to group notifications, manage notifications. From the “notification center” open access to the settings for the work and notifications of applications. Thanks to this, the user does not have to scroll through the settings for a long time to change the type of notification.

Thumbnails have appeared in the notification settings that show how notifications will be displayed on the main screen.

An example of how notifications are grouped on iOS 12 in iPhone 8 and 8+


The updated Siri has grown wiser and faster to complete the assigned tasks. The voice assistant will prompt when you need to re-dial the subscriber, provide accurate suggestions to the user to resolve issues, and control the Flashlight application (turning the flashlight on and off with voice input).

Appearance of a reminder from Siri to iOS 12 to redial the subscriber

Should I install a new one iOS?

The operation of iPhone 8 Plus on iOS 12 with the installation of the update will become operational. iOS 12 introduces over 80 new features to help you get things done quickly on iPhone. You can check the benefits of installing them when downloading the update from the official resource.

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