IPhone SE and iOS 12

Disadvantage iOS 11.4 according to users – slowdown when launching applications. Therefore, in the latest version iOS 12, the developers focused on the efficiency of the OS. The result was not long in coming – iPhone SE iOS 12 showed a jump in performance, namely:

  • applications and programs start faster;
  • animation plays instantly;
  • the standard keyboard layout opens without the slightest delay.

The final product iOS 12 is expected to outperform the beta and address the bugs of previous designs.

Will there be iOS 12 on iPhone SE?

Almost all devices running on iOS 11 will be able to upgrade to iOS 12. But will iOS 12 be on iPhone SE? The official list of supported devices iOS 12, which is published on the website Apple, also includes the iPhone SE.

What will change when set to iPhone SE iOS 12? Tests have shown that Apple – devices, including the iPhone SE, after updating to iOS 12, began to work faster without temporary losses in battery life. In addition to iOS, 12 showed visible improvements over iOS 11.4, such as enhanced voice assistant, notifications and more. From this we can conclude that it is advisable to install the update on iPhone SE. However, it is recommended to wait for the final version, which will eliminate errors and inaccuracies of the beta versions.

When will iOS come out 12

when ios 12 comes out on iphone se

The question of when iOS 12 will be released on iPhone SE worries users. From the statement of representatives Apple, posted on the official website of the company, it follows that the final version iOS 12 mobile OS Apple for iPhone and iPad will be released at the end of September 2018. It promises to be the most stable release of recent years, which will transform the interface and speed up the work of Apple – devices.

How to upgrade iPhone SE to iOS 12

Technology evolves, and with each new release iOS new features and unique ways of working are emerging. Therefore, the question of how to update the iPhone SE to iOS 12 arises before every smartphone owner. There are two options for updating iOS to iPhone: via Wi-Fi connection directly on the iPhone or using iTunes via PC. Before updating it is recommended:

  1. Update OS and restart PC when updating using iTunes. Scan software for security using antivirus.
  2. Create a backup copy of data from iPhone in the iCloud cloud service, which will allow you to quickly recover when the device is locked.
  3. how to install ios 12 on iphone se: backup
  4. Check the battery charge to be at least 70%. Otherwise, the battery will be discharged, interrupting the update process.
  5. Make sure you have free memory. To do this, in the “Settings” window, select the “General” item and go to the “Storage” option. If there is not enough space, the process will be interrupted, which will lead to the iPhone blocking and irrecoverable data loss.
  6. iphone se ios 12: check memory

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To update to iPhone, you need to go to “Settings” and select the “General” section. Find the “Software Update” option and activate it. Installing via iTunes is faster and more reliable, but requires a PC and USB cable.

how to upgrade iPhone SE to iOS 12

The current beta is formally for developers only. However, there is a method to work around the limitations. How to install iOS 12 on iPhone SE is described in the article “How to download and install iOS 12 beta” on our portal.

Job reviews

The best indicator of how iOS 12 iPhone SE is working is feedback from users who have already installed the firmware. Below are some of them.

Feedback on beta 1

“The increased speed is something that was missing in older versions iOS. iPhone SE with beta 1 works without brakes. Even the old iPad Air got a new life. Cool update! ”

Feedback on beta 2

“I ran into the first problems immediately after installing it on iOS 12 beta 2 on iPhone SE: all the screen settings were reset, I had to reinstall it, the” Weather “widget also stopped working. applications start instantly, animation does not slow down. It is necessary to install unambiguously. I hope that in the final version all the shortcomings will be taken into account. ”

Feedback on beta 3

“Today I use iPhone SE on iOS 12 beta 3 and want to share my impressions: iOS 12 works much faster iOS 11, which you can see right away – the applications are launched at a cosmic speed. I took measurements – I launched the same set of applications. As a result iOS 12 is ahead of iOS 11 by 8.9 seconds. Excellent result!

If we compare beta 1, 2 and beta 3, then not everything is so pleasant here.

  • From the pros: performance is kept at the level of the first 2 beta versions.
  • Cons: beta 3 brought a bunch of bugs, such as the inability to scale the wallpaper when changing. Well, a lot of similar ones, of the same type.

Conclusion: I don't know how iOS functions on other gadgets, but it plows fine on SE. I don't advise you to put a beta, it's better to wait for the official release in September

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