Overview Apple Watch Series 1

The company Apple is constantly updating its line of 'smart' watches. Apple Watch 1 was followed by episodes two and three. Later models have new functions and improved characteristics, but their price is significantly higher, while the cost of the first generation gadgets is constantly decreasing. This circumstance makes the watch of the base model attractive to buyers.

Overview Apple Watch Series 1

Equipment and modifications

The watch of model Apple Watch 1 is delivered in a white box, made in a minimalistic style usual for this company. The package shows the corporate logo, the gadget itself and the main characteristics of the device. Opening the box, the buyer will find in a special recess a case with a clock, packed in thin white paper.

Overview Apple Watch Series 1

The cardboard box under the pencil case contains all the documentation for the gadget. There the user will find detailed instructions on how to use, synchronize and configure the device. A charger compartment is located under the documents. It consists of a standard USB cable and adapter.

The watch design corresponds to the strict classical style of all the company's products. The sports strap is made of hypoallergenic rubber. It can be easily removed by pressing buttons. There are several color options: from black and white to pink and blue. A nice bonus for the buyer will be a smaller strap in case the main one does not fit.

The watch Apple Watch Series 1 is available in two versions. They differ in weight and dimensions of the device. The model with a screen diagonal of 1.38 “has dimensions of 38.6×33.3×10.5 mm. The weight of the gadget is from 25 to 55 g, depending on the case material. A watch with a diagonal of 1.42” weighs 30-69 g with dimensions of 42×35.9×10 , 5 mm.

Overview Apple Watch Series 1

Case and display

The first generation smart watch from the company Apple has an aluminum case and a sporty design. These lightweight devices weigh 25-30g depending on the diagonal length. The manufacturer releases the gadget in 4 colors: gold, silver, 'rose gold' and 'space gray'. The case, made of stainless steel, is highly impact resistant In this case, the weight of the device is 40-50 g. Fans of precious metals can order watches in a weighty gold case (55-69 g).

The screen brightness of both versions is 450 nits. This is sufficient for indoor use or in cloudy weather, but may not be sufficient in bright sunlight. The brightness is automatically adjusted by the light sensor. The display is equipped with a matrix OLED. The model with a diagonal of 1.38 “has a resolution of 272×340, and the larger device has a resolution of 312×390.

Overview Apple Watch Series 1

The watch of the first series is not designed for prolonged immersion in water, but has partial moisture protection in accordance with the IP 67 standard. You can wash your hands under running water, run in the rain and even take a shower. However, for regular water sports, it is better to choose a different model.

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The device is protected by durable Ion-X glass. Both models are equipped with a dual-core processor Apple S1, which provides good performance. The RAM (512 MB) is enough to store all the necessary information. The internal storage is 8 GB. In terms of performance, the watch Apple Series 1 is practically not inferior to the gadgets of the second series.

Main functions and controls

First of all Apple Watch Series 1 is a wristwatch by which you can find out the time. This can be done comfortably: the screen lights up when the user turns it towards him. The manufacturer has provided a variety of digital and analog watch faces to choose from. The display can always display information that the owner of the gadget needs.

Overview Apple Watch Series 1

The smart watch has all the functions of a sports bracelet, tracking the wearer's activity. By synchronizing the device with the IPhone, the user gets access to the 'Activity' and 'Health' applications, where all the collected information can be analyzed. If you need to calculate the number of steps taken and calories burned, you just need to activate this function.

The built-in heart rate monitor records your heart rate in various operating modes. If you synchronize the gadget with another device, the received data is sent directly to the doctor or trainer. The Maps app provides directions for your walks or runs. Favorite routes can be memorized in RAM.

Overview Apple Watch Series 1

To receive a call, it is not necessary to reach the IPhone: the watch can function as a phone. They are equipped with a sufficiently high quality microphone and speaker. The SMS message is also displayed immediately on the screen. It is permissible to answer it using the voice assistant Siri. He will also help you dial the desired number, you just need to give the correct command.

We should also say about music. It is possible to listen to songs from iTunes offline. The music library is stored directly in the watch's memory. It is extremely convenient to control the player directly from the screen of the gadget without taking out your smartphone. On Apple Watch you can install third-party applications. For example, there is a full version of Shazam, with which it is convenient to search for music.

Overview Apple Watch Series 1

From the device screen, you can quickly send emoticons and drawings, which are made directly on the display. It is possible to check e-mail and conduct correspondence in messengers. The screen resolution allows you to view photos on it. The device syncs without problems with home appliances Apple. Purchases are paid through terminals that support NFC.

Autonomy of work

The model Apple Watch Series 1 with a diagonal of 1.38 “is equipped with a 205 mAh battery. The larger version of the device has a 250 mAh battery. In the power saving mode, the manufacturer guarantees up to 18 hours of continuous operation. This means that with constant using the gadget will have to be charged every day.

Overview Apple Watch Series 1


The difference between series 1 and 2 smartwatches is not that great. Apple Watch Series 2 additionally received improved water resistance (you can swim to a depth of 50 m), a GPS module, a bright screen and a slightly faster chip. The rest of the characteristics remained the same. At the same time, the difference in price between the two devices is about $ 100.

Overview Apple Watch Series 1

If you need some sort of companion device for the iPhone, the Apple Series 1 watch will do just fine. Such a gadget is well suited for viewing messages, quick access to Siri and some applications, for listening and controlling music. All the basic functions of a fitness bracelet are also present here. Devices of the 2 and 3 series are mostly sports models equipped with GPS, full moisture protection and a barometric altimeter.

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