Overview Apple Watch Series 2

When the company Apple launched the iWatch smartwatch in 2015, consumers had already tried several dozen smartwatch models from manufacturers of all sizes. Nevertheless, the gadget was a natural success among the fans of wearable devices. In the fall of 2016, the second generation of this watch appeared. Their design differences from their predecessor are insignificant. The main improvements to Apple Watch 2 are located inside the device.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2

Completion of watches and their modifications

The watch Apple Watch Series 2 is supplied in an oblong box made of thick cardboard with a molded niche for the clock inside. The device comes with:

  • documentation;
  • round magnetic wireless charger with USB cable;
  • adapter.

Instead of the supplied adapter, it is permissible to use any smartphone charger.

The owners of the first generation watches were supplied with 2 straps of different sizes. The novelty only when choosing a sports silicone strap is available in 2 versions. When you buy a watch with a woven nylon strap, only one size is included. You can also choose a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2

The smartwatch retains compatibility with the straps of the previous model. At the same time, the range of straps is expanding. New colors are available, such as asphalt gray for nylon and gray brown for silicone straps.

Versions Apple watch series 2:

  1. Standard execution. It does not differ in any additions in functionality and design.
  2. Special edition for runners, the result of a partnership with Nike. Called Nike +, this modification features a silicone strap with large holes designed to provide comfort during active sports. Another feature of the watch straps in this series is the two-tone surface in Nike branded colors.
  3. Hermes is a product created in collaboration with the Hermes fashion house. Differs in special metal or leather straps and dials. Detachable Hermes straps can be purchased separately.
  4. Edition is the premium version of smartwatches. The case is made of white polished ceramic, which is 4 times stronger than stainless steel.
  5. Sport modification. It is a simplified version of the first generation of watches.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2

Case and display

The overall dimensions of the novelty repeat the dimensions of the previous model. The difference is only in the thickness of the case. It has increased by 0.9 mm, which is not too striking. Similarly to Apple Watch 1, the second generation watch case is presented in 2 sizes – with a diagonal of 38 mm and 42 mm – and has a rectangular shape with rounded corners.

On the right side edge of the case there is a Digital Crown and an oblong button. A second microphone hole was added on the opposite edge. The speaker slot remained in the same place. On the back of the housing are the sensors surrounded by a zirconium-based ceramic ring.

The case material is stainless steel in silver and charcoal gray and lighter aluminum in silver and gold tones, in the variants 'rose gold' and 'space gray'.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2

The screen of the smart watch is curved to the edges, made of mirror-smooth glass, resistant to scratches. It has excellent anti-reflective properties. The outer surface of the display has a grease-repellent coating. Thanks to it, fingerprints are less visible and easily removed.

The brightness control AMOLED of the display is carried out automatically by the light sensor. This, together with excellent anti-reflective properties, allows you to use the gadget both in the dark and in the bright sun at different viewing angles.

New features not found in Series 1

The new generation of smartwatches received a dual-core SIP Apple S2 chip. This processor is 50% more powerful than its predecessor, which means that heavier applications are now available on the device. The amount of RAM is now a whole gigabyte. The gadget runs on the new watchOS3 operating system, which has increased the responsiveness of applications and the responsiveness of the assistant Siri.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2

An important innovation is the emergence of a GPS module with instant connection to satellites. With its appearance Apple Watch, they become, in the full sense, a sports watch that does not require wearing a smartphone while jogging or cycling. In this respect, smartwatches have gained a lot of independence from the iPhone.

The new software provides enhanced sports opportunities. The gadget has the applications Training, Breathing, Activity. The Workout app includes a variety of outdoor and gym sports programs. The modification Apple Watch Nike + has a special Nike application, with which the device will become a personal trainer for the owner.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2

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In addition, the smartwatch has become waterproof. In them you can swim and dive to a depth of 50 m. (The aforementioned Workout application offers programs for swimming in the pool and open water). However, deep diving and sports that involve moving at high speed in the water should be avoided.

Main functions and controls

Basic capabilities of a smart watch:

  • making calls (only with a smartphone);
  • the ability to read e-mail and messenger messages;
  • listening to music;
  • saving reminders, list of meetings;
  • Internet connection;
  • protocol communication Bluetooth with an iPhone, pairing with it;
  • communication with the assistant Siri by means of voice commands (while Siri responds with text);
  • tracking and saving the results of sports training;
  • building and maintaining a track while walking, jogging and cycling; calculation of distance;
  • built-in pedometer and stopwatch;
  • heart rate measurement function;
  • control of daily activity;
  • calculating the loss of calories;
  • respiratory care function for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2

To control the gadget, the Digital Crown scroll wheel is used, which works in the same way as a key and an oblong button next to it. The digital crown is used to scroll, bring up the application menu and exit to the home screen.

To activate the screen, just wave your hand.

The long side button is used to turn on the device and bring up the new Dock menu, from which it is convenient to exit to applications.

The display responds to pressure using Force Touch technology. Pressing harder on the center of the screen while running applications brings up additional menus or options.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2

Other interactions with the interface take place through the touchscreen display. By swiping the screen to the right or left, you can quickly switch between watch faces.

To operate the Apple Watch Series 2, you need an iPhone with iOS 10 and the Watch app, which contains all the watch settings, allows you to select and organize apps and widgets in the Dock menu.

Water resistance

Water resistance is an important innovation. The watch can be safely submerged up to a maximum of 50 m under water. However, with reservations: the device is not suitable for diving and water skiing, when water can fall on the body with high pressure and speed.

Increased moisture resistance has been achieved with new adhesives and seals. When you activate the Open Water Swimming or Pool Swimming workout modes, the display turns off and remains in this mode until you get out of the water, and the app continues to run.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2

In order to dry the speaker after swimming, an unusual system of pushing water out of its body using pulsations is implemented. The water elimination mechanism is activated by scrolling the Digital Crown.

Autonomy of work

The new smart watch is equipped with an extended battery. Apple indicates the battery life of the device – 18 hours. This value is approximate and depends on the intensity of use. It is not the same for models with 38 mm and 42 mm screens.

Using GPS increases battery consumption, as does being in the sun (which makes the screen brighter).

But considering that the watch Apple Watch 2 has a GPS module, a much faster processor and a twice as bright display, then the battery life at the level of the previous model is not a bad indicator.

Overview Apple Watch Series 2


The second series of Apple Watch watches has an emphasis on fitness, but this does not mean that the watch is suitable only for athletes. Thanks to their extensive functionality, they allow the owner to monitor their health and assess their sports activity. Operatively work in tandem with an iPhone and without it.

In comparison with its predecessor, the gadget has received many improvements and thanks to them it is one of the best representatives of smartwatches on the market. Apple Watch Series 2 is not the most necessary, but fashionable and stylish accessory from a renowned manufacturer, made at the highest level.

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