Overview Apple Watch Series 3

For Apple Watch Series 3 device, the review was created to evaluate its capabilities and compare with competitors. Smart watches have appeared on the market relatively recently, and not all manufacturers of mobile gadgets have been able to achieve success in the production of this category of goods. The Apple Watch 3 even surpassed Rolex to become the # 1 best-selling wristwatch. Previous models were also successful and set the standard for smartwatches, which became an example for other manufacturers.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

Completion of watches and their modifications

The packaging and delivery set have not changed compared to the previous models in the series. The box is made of thick cardboard and has an elongated shape. The kit includes 2 silicone straps of different sizes, wireless charging, user manual and power adapter, which is the same as iPhone. The charger is suitable for Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 devices.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

Many different modifications are available, which differ in case materials and straps. The case can be aluminum, steel or ceramic, and other manufacturers also produce suitable straps and bracelets for smartwatches, except Apple.

The following color options are available:

  • silver;
  • golden;
  • white;
  • dark grey.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

The modification with the LTE module and a red dot on the wheel visually stands out from the rest. Stainless steel and sapphire crystal cases are no longer available.

The first model Apple Watch is still available for sale, but the second was completely replaced by the third. At the same time, the price of the first generation watch was reduced. Only a connoisseur of the company's products can visually distinguish between different models.

Case and display

The build quality is at a high level, the strap is securely connected to the case. It is a pleasant to the touch device that does not cause any discomfort to the user, no matter what position the hand is in. The thickness of the case is comparable to that of a wrist chronograph. One of the main advantages Apple Watch over a simple watch is that it weighs little and is not felt on the hand.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

In addition to the touch screen, the user can use the Digital Crown and an analog button to control the gadget. The orientation of the display can be changed if you need to put the watch on your right hand. On the back you can see the heart rate sensor and 2 buttons that fix the strap.

The AW Series 3 screen is made using a matrix OLED. Its resolution is 312×390 for the 42 mm version and 272×340 for the 38 mm version. The budget aluminum versions have lon-X coating, while the steel and ceramic watches have sapphire crystal.

The display has a maximum brightness of 1000 cd / m². The picture is well recognized in direct sunlight, but a little dazzling in the dark. The sensor and Force Touch work flawlessly. The controls are well thought out, making it easy to interact with the device despite the small display. Problems may arise only with entering the PIN code due to insufficiently large numeric keys.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

New features

The Watch Series 3 device can be used as a unified notification center. If the user turns off the sound on the smartphone, then he will receive notification signals in the form of vibration on the watch. This will be useful, for example, to quickly read messages that do not need to be answered. With the help of the device, the user can answer a call or message using pictures, emoticons, ready-made sentences or phrases. The program Siri has now learned not only to write texts, but also to speak.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

Modification with an LTE module and a SIM card allows you to stay connected, even if the watch is at a great distance from the smartphone. The watch provides access to Apple Music and the sound is sent to the wireless headphones.

According to the company Apple, the third-generation model is 70% faster than the previous model, and wireless communication modules use 50% less battery power. In practice, the gadget works quickly, but it takes some time to establish a connection with the phone. Certain third-party apps take a few seconds longer to load than others.

Main functions and controls

Smart watches Apple are positioned primarily as an activity tracker and a convenient device for doing sports. If the user is not an athlete, the gadget will remind him to go for walks and monitor his heart rate. Built-in health apps are more targeted at casual users, as the watch functionality may not be sufficient for professional athletes.

The Workouts app has received an updated design. The user can select the type of exercise that the device should control. In addition to the watch, the necessary information is displayed on the smartphone in the Activity and Health applications.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

You will need a free hand to operate the device, as the virtual assistant Siri does not control all functions. The wheel is used to scroll through the interface pages or zoom in on a picture. By pressing the wheel, the user can close applications and open watch faces. Double tap to return to the previous application. The button calls up the list of running programs. All other functions are controlled via the touch screen.

Water resistance

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The watch is protected from water according to the 5 ATM standard. The user can swim with the device on his hand not only in the pool, but also in open water. At the same time, the manufacturer specifies that the watch is not intended for diving, since the case does not withstand the pressure when diving to great depths. Divers should use a dedicated water sports watch.

On the left side of the case, you can see 2 holes for the microphone and speaker, which are vulnerable to moisture. But the developer has provided a water pushing function. The user can activate it manually after water activities. A short beep sounds, pushing the water out.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

You can go to the shower with the watch, but be careful not to get foam or soap on it. In case of unintentional contact with detergents, you should try to wash them off as quickly as possible. After using the watch in salt water, it is recommended to rinse it in fresh liquid to rinse off crystals and other elements that can lead to case corrosion.

Autonomy of work

While the Watch Series 3 has received additional features that its predecessor did not have, the case size and battery capacity remain unchanged. The battery capacity is still 279 mAh, so the battery life has not changed.

If the user does not play sports, using the watch only to receive notifications and work with applications, the device will work without recharging for 2-3 days. In this case, continuous synchronization with the phone, activity tracking, heart rate and sleep monitoring is allowed.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

With moderate training, the clock works on average for one and a half days, but this figure can be reduced to several hours. When using LTE communication, the battery will use up its charge for 1 hour of talking. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge with a standard power adapter.

The battery life always depends on the intensity of use of the device. If the watch is used only for reading notifications and viewing the time, then the charge will last for 3 days. For comparison, the first model Apple Watch with watchOS 4.0 operating system lasts no more than 2 days.

Who is Apple Watch 3 suitable for?

The advantages of Watch Series 3 include the following features:

  • build quality and materials from which the case is made;
  • a large selection of additional accessories that are purchased separately;
  • high-quality color display;
  • heart rate monitor that provides accurate readings;
  • reliable protection against water;
  • software with a user-friendly interface;
  • built-in set of sports programs;
  • battery life comparable to competing devices.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

The disadvantages of the device include the following points:

  • lack of support for mobile devices based on the operating system Android;
  • high price.

Unlike previous models, the watch Apple Watch 3 is not just an independent device, but a full-fledged sports assistant. Apps now run on the watch itself. With this device you can make calls and control music playback. If you use a model without synchronization with a smartphone, then it will be a simple watch with a heart rate monitor and a pedometer.

The main innovation is support for the LTE function, which requires a 4G mobile network. The rest of the innovations are related to the watchOS 4 operating system.

The device monitors cardiac activity. Features such as altimeter and voice alerts Siri can make your life much easier.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

The third model replaced the second and completely replaced it, borrowing a GPS module and protection against moisture. In addition to hardware, the changes also affected the operating system.

The third generation watches offer a wider selection of different straps. However, the design of the case has not changed.

The third model is much more expensive than the first. However, the buyer who wants to save money should take into account that the first generation watch with outdated hardware also received an update to watchOS 4, which can cause the interface to slow down.

Overview Apple Watch Series 3

Model Apple Watch 3 will be supported by the developer longer than previous devices with outdated specifications. The clock has increased performance and performance. Owners of the first watch model Apple should consider buying a Watch Series 3, but the owners of the second model can wait.

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