Protective glass for Apple Watch

Numerous laboratory and 'kitchen' tests prove the creators' belief Apple Watch that 'smartwatches' have increased resistance to damage. However, since the appearance of the 'first-born', the market for accessories designed for different models has also expanded:

  • silicone covers and covers for the case;
  • replaceable straps;
  • protective films for the front and back panels;
  • glasses for Apple Watch.

The fact is that the owners of 'smartwatches' use them on a daily basis. And since an expensive gadget is always on the wrist, it is almost impossible to protect it from blows. No one is immune from awkward movements, and even the sapphire crystal of a watch can break if dropped on a hard surface.

Protective glass for Apple Watch

Why do you need protective glass

The task assigned to the protective accessory is to take the hit upon itself. Such an accessory is equipped with a silicone rim, in which the glass itself is fixed. That is, if damaged, there will be no fragments that could injure your fingers or scratch the smart watch screen.

Protective glass for Apple Watch

iWatch is not a quartz watch familiar to many, but practically a mini-computer with great functionality, so the repair of the gadget will have to be entrusted to professionals. Services such as disassembling and repairing glass on products Apple are not cheap in service centers. But it will hardly be possible to manage on our own.

There is an iFixit expert opinion on the maintainability of 'smart watches': the score is 5 out of 10. Therefore, experts still recommend using all kinds of protection when using gadgets. The problem is with the device itself. If a simple repair is required – glass plywood or battery replacement, then it will not be difficult for the master to do this. However, careless actions can easily damage the loops, after which it will be impossible to restore the watch.

What glass is suitable for apple watch

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In large electronic stores and online stores, you can find a wide range of product accessories Apple, including protective glasses and film Apple Watch 38 mm and 42 mm. When buying, it is important to pay attention to the size, and the manufacturer's warranty covers the quality and durability of the protection.

Supershieldz, Luvvitt Clarity are companies that produce high quality products. You can buy a separate protective glass, and complete with a protector. Presale durability tests and an oleophobic coating that resists dust, dirt and fingerprints provide additional benefits when choosing these accessories.

Films designed to protect displays are also of high quality.

How to stick protective glass

To stick the protective glass, special skills and abilities are not required. You need a flat and well-lit surface. The sequence of actions is described in the attached instructions. The step-by-step process looks like this:

  1. After taking out the contents from the package and removing the bracelet from the watch, you need to lay everything out on a prepared surface. Protective glass for Apple Watch
  2. First, wipe the display Apple Watch thoroughly with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth. Both are included. Additionally, a microfiber cloth is included. Protective glass for Apple Watch
  3. It is necessary to remove the film from the protective glass, under which the sticky layer is hidden (you cannot touch it). Glue it to the watch screen very neatly and evenly. Press firmly and smooth. Protective glass for Apple Watch

It remains only to check the functionality of the gadget. The display should have no problem with touch sensitivity through the glued protector. Some accessories even improve the performance of the gadget, as they have additional protection against glare.

Sticking the protective film on the iWatch is easy too. Since the screen is small, it is glued literally in one motion, unlike the process of gluing to a smartphone.

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