Smart watch Apple Watch and their functions

The watch Apple Watch is the first product of the company that Steve Jobs did not participate in the development. The watch from Apple is a project of Tim Cook and his team. For this reason, the functions Apple Watch are not carefully designed, because Steve Jobs always paid attention to the little things. Despite its limited capabilities Apple Watch and a large number of not very useful functions, this device became a bestseller. The reason is that the brand has an army of loyal fans who are willing to buy a new product from the company without thinking about what is being offered to them.

Battery saving and smart display

According to the developer, with moderate use, the gadget will work on a single charge for about 18 hours. This result is achieved due to the fact that the display is in the off state most of the time. Battery life will be reduced if the user frequently turns on the display or uses bright backlighting.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

The built-in battery is 205 mAh. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to fully charge. Supports wireless charging function. The battery gains 80% in 1.5 hours, the remaining 20% ​​in 1 hour. In day-to-day use, the device runs out of power during daylight hours, so it is best to fill the battery at night.

The display may differ depending on the version of the watch. If the diagonal of the case is 42 mm, then the display resolution will be 312×390, and the pixel density will be 302 PPI. The 38 mm case will have a resolution of 272×340 and a density of 290 PPI.

The class display AMOLED provides a good viewing angle. The image on the screen is bright, contrasting. The disadvantage is that the display only lights up when an event occurs. By default, the screen is black and nothing is displayed on it.

You can customize the display to respond to notifications, but this will consume battery power. More preferable is the function of turning on the screen, which responds to a gesture (raising the hand).

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

In direct sunlight, the display becomes faint, but visible. The sapphire crystal is protected from scratches.

The icons (shortcuts) on the screen are small, but it is not difficult to hit them with your finger. Interface elements react even to the touch of your thumb. Image scaling function is supported.

Screenshots and video recording

Use the Digital Crown and side button to take screenshots. To take a screenshot, follow these steps:

  • open the watch app Apple on the device iPhone;
  • go to the 'My watch' section and select 'General';
  • scroll down the screen and activate the 'Screenshots' option;
  • simultaneously press the wheel and the side button;
  • in the process of taking a screenshot, a flash should appear on the display;
  • the snapshot will appear in the device's photo app iPhone (section 'Albums', 'Screenshots').

The device Apple can be equipped with a special strap called CMRA. It contains a full-fledged camera designed to take photos and videos without a smartphone.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

Visually, CMRA hardly differs from the standard silicone strap, but it is thicker and contains 2 cameras with a resolution of 8 and 2 megapixels. A high-resolution camera records everything that happens around, and a smaller lens is always aimed at the face of the gadget owner. The CMRA device has been criticized by the public as it allows you to take pictures of people without their permission, which is regarded as an interference with personal space.

Volume control in Airpods

Wireless headphones AirPods are convenient devices, but they don't include any music playback controls. Their cases do not have buttons for adjusting the volume or switching music tracks. For comparison, a convenient remote control was installed on the wired analogs of the EarPods.

The headphones AirPods are too compact and lightweight. They do not contain any controls because there is no free space to install them. This problem is solved by the device Apple Watch, since it is better suited for controlling headphones than iPhone. To control music, just lift your wrist and activate the display. The volume is adjusted using the side Digital Crown.

You don't need to open the app every time you lift your wrist to control music playback. By default, the application continues to run for 8 minutes, but if desired, the user can increase the time to 1 hour.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

If you create a playlist and sync it with your watch, you can leave iPhone at home. In this case, the watch will be used not only as a volume control and track switch, but also as a full-fledged media center.

Last running application and activation of Silent mode

If you raise your hand, then by default the watch will show the current time. If desired, the user can configure the clock so that it opens the last launched application. To do this, go to the settings, select the 'General' section and the 'Activate when lifting your wrist' item. With this function, you can, for example, check your location on the map every hour or every minute. The last running applications are switched by double clicking on the wheel.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

Silent mode may be necessary, for example, if the user is in the cinema, and the device Apple is constantly ringing or showing notifications. To quickly activate the silent mode, just cover the watch screen with your palm and wait for the vibration to trigger. In the same way, you can reject any incoming calls that the user cannot answer. If this function does not work by default, then you need to go to the settings, select the 'Sounds' section and the 'Tactile signals' item.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

Find lost iPhone and unlock MacBook

The gadget can be used to locate iPhone. To do this, follow these steps:

  • press and hold the Digital Crown until the watch face opens;
  • swipe up from the bottom to open the control center interface;
  • click on the icon with the image of the phone to make it make a loud sound that will help determine its location.

In addition to sound, the device iPhone can activate the LED flash, which will help to detect the smartphone in the dark. To do this, press and hold the phone icon for a while.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

If the user wears the watch on their wrist, the Mac can detect that the owner is nearby and grant access to the system. At the first login, the password will need to be entered manually, but in the future the watch will do this automatically. Unlocking will also occur automatically when the user is near the computer. To check if your Mac supports this feature, you need to hold down the Option key and select the System Information section. In the Wi-Fi item on the sidebar, there should be a line 'Auto Unlock: Supported'.

Show notifications and message templates

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Notifications can be sent to the watch or iPhone, depending on which mode the smartphone is in. Notifications cannot be sent to 2 devices at the same time. If iPhone is unlocked, then it will notify the user about events. In cases where the smartphone is locked or in sleep mode, notifications will be sent to the smart watch, but provided that they are not locked with a password.

Notifications are customizable for each app that the watch supports. By default, the watch duplicates the alerts selected for iPhone.

To select notifications for built-in apps, follow these steps:

  • open the watch program on your smartphone;
  • open the 'My Watch' section and select 'Notifications';
  • click on the app.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

You can turn off notifications from third-party apps. To do this, scroll down to the 'Repeat notifications' section and disable unnecessary programs. If communication is lost between devices, notifications will be sent to the smartphone.

In addition to standard messages, the smartwatch user Apple can create their own templates for quick replies. To edit the list of quick replies, follow these steps:

  • open the watch program on your smartphone;
  • select the section 'Messages' or 'Mail';
  • go to the section 'Default answers';
  • select the required item and enter any text.

By default, the Messages application offers 20 standard responses, and the email client offers 12. Quick replies are also available for programs such as the Facebook Messenger client, which contains 6 templates.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

Do not disturb mode during exercise

The watch Apple has an option that automatically blocks all notifications while the user is doing sports, and returns the watch to normal operation after training. This feature is disabled by default, but it's easy to activate it. To turn the function on and off, use the 'Clock' application on the smartphone. It is impossible to activate the mode in the clock settings. The option works only on smartphones with the operating system iOS 11 and watches with the watchOS 4 interface.

To enable Do Not Disturb mode, follow these steps:

  • launch the Watch program on your smartphone;
  • select 'My watch' at the bottom of the display;
  • select 'General' and 'Do not disturb';
  • enable the 'Do not disturb during training' option.

If you activate this mode, you will not be distracted by SMS messages and other notifications. The watch automatically detects that the user is doing yoga, weightlifting, jogging, etc. After the end of the exercise, Do Not Disturb will turn off automatically. To view all missed notifications, slide your finger across the display from top to bottom.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

Working with Siri and reporting danger

The Virtual Assistant Siri helps you perform various actions such as sending messages, dialing phone numbers, locating your location on a map, etc. The virtual assistant can be used to launch the required applications and many other actions. To start the assistant, follow these steps:

  • open the settings on the smartphone, select 'Siri and search', activate the option 'Hello, Siri' or 'Siri home';
  • open the settings on the watch, select 'General' and 'Siri', enable the option 'Hello, Siri';
  • select the events that the assistant should voice and load the voice;
  • connect your smartphone or watch to the Internet.

If the user is in danger, the watch will send a signal SOS. In the watch application on the smartphone there is a section called 'Emergency Calls', where contacts of relatives and friends are entered, who will receive a message in case of an emergency. To send such a message, you need to hold down the side button for a few seconds and wait for a beep. After this action, all specified contacts will receive messages that the owner of the watch is in trouble.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

Music update in automatic mode

Service Apple Music on smartwatches can synchronize playlists and albums, but this requires watchOS 4. The user independently determines which sound files will be available on the watch. To do this, use the 'Music' section in the Watch program on your smartphone. Files are synchronized while the device is charging. The playlist can be updated automatically after the start of the workout. To do this, just specify the desired playlist in the 'Workout' section by launching the application Apple Watch on your smartphone.

To play music, you need a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, and Bluetooth to sync with wireless headphones. With a subscription to Apple Music, your watch will automatically access your music archives. If you open the application for playing sound files on the device Apple Watch and scroll up the screen, the 'Media Library' section will appear.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

Using voice commands, you can ask the assistant Siri to turn on the desired song or radio station. If you do not subscribe to Apple Music, you are allowed to play the music stored on the watch.

Possibility to combine workouts

The Workout program contains pool settings, motion and heart rate algorithms for intense interval workouts. For users who are doing dual workouts or practicing triathlon, it is possible to combine multiple sports disciplines to calculate total time and calories burned.

The GymKit is a must for those who use cardiovascular equipment. One-touch syncs your device Apple Watch with a treadmill, stepper, bike, and elliptical from manufacturers such as Life Fitness or Technogym. At the same time, information such as calories burned, distance, speed, number of floors and tilt angle will be transmitted between devices. As a result, the user will receive the most accurate data after the minimum settings.

Smart watches Apple Watch and their functions

Simulator data and Apple Watch are automatically synchronized using GymKit technology. The Workout app in watchOS 4 has updated algorithms for interval workouts.

If you follow the route and do not look at the watch screen, the device will use vibration to tell the user where to turn. A few short vibrations means turning to the right. If the watch emits 3 double beeps, turn left. A long vibration indicates that the destination has already been reached. This option is described in detail in the operating instructions. This feature turns on automatically.

The watch reminds of itself with vibration at every turn. If you ignore the alert and go down a different street or in the opposite direction, the device will give warning signals until the user turns on the right path.

The watch display can provide different information depending on whether the user is lost or not. If you stray from the route, the screen will show the entire map of the area, and not directions where to turn off. Thanks to this, the owner of the watch can orientate himself on the terrain and quickly determine in which direction he needs to move. If you return to the correct route, the information on the screen will again be limited to simple prompts.

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