Support iOS 12 on iPhone 5s

Over the past 5 years smartphones iPhone 4 and 5 have received an update to a maximum of iOS 9 and 10, so rumors about new, progressive software for iPhone 5s have excited millions of fans. ” apples “. This model continues to be popular in the line, and with the firmware iOS 12 it will also get a second wind. The question arises as to how much support for iOS 12 on iPhone 5s will be functional, is it to wait for the restrictions or is it not so bad?

Will there be iOS 12 on iPhone 5s?

In June 2018, a trial version was released for developers and registered users with registration in the system Apple. Rumors about the update of the “five” appeared even before the release, experts from the MacGeneration website found a mention of the gadget in the test program.

Support iOS 12 on iPhone 5s

Initially, the information seemed dubious, before that the company had not released new software for old models and, most likely, the check is intended for iPhone SE, which also has a resolution of 1136×640. 3 months after the release of the first version, the question whether iOS 12 will be iPhone 5s, you can already answer a firm “yes”. The news was confirmed at the WWDC presentation on behalf of the company's senior vice president Apple of software development.

When will the final version be released?

All fans of American smartphones waiting for the release of iOS 12 on iPhone 5s will soon appreciate the new OS on their “oldies”. The appearance of iOS 12 in the public domain is scheduled for September 2018.

Support iOS 12 on iPhone 5s
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So far, conclusions about the pros and cons of the platform can only be drawn from the analysis of beta versions:

  1. iOS 12 beta 1 iPhone 5s immediately received positive reviews. During testing, an improvement in tactile functions was noted, now the fingers spring from the interface. The smartphone works faster, everyone was pleased with the new ability of the gadget to “guess” the owner's wishes.
  2. In iOS 12 beta 2 iPhone 5s, bugs were taken into account, gross bugs were fixed, performance comparison iOS 10 and 12 is clearly in favor of OS 2018.
  3. iOS 12 beta 3 iPhone 5s at the turn-on stage turned out to be not as fast as iOS 11.4, but when working with the main applications: messages, email, camera , as well as clients of social networks showed impressive results: in 2 out of 3 cases it worked better than the previous software. Therefore, already in June, the majority of owners of the “five” expressed a desire to update the iPhone 5s to iOS 12.

During the tests, all beta versions confirmed the ideal correlation with the fifth iPhone. There were no serious violations in the work, on the contrary, the speed of information processing in the old model has improved significantly.

How to upgrade iPhone 5s to iOS 12

You can download the update today or wait for the final version of testing the beta series, where new functions will be added and bugs fixed.

Instructions on how to upgrade iPhone 5s to iOS 12:

  1. First, create a backup of your smartphone via iTunes, otherwise it will be difficult to return to the previous software later if something goes wrong.
  2. Follow this link through your Safari browser.
  3. When prompted to open the settings, click “Allow”.
  4. A window will appear, click “Install”, enter the password.
  5. Reboot your smartphone.
  6. For the new profile to be reflected in the settings, delete the old one, and then restart the device again.
  7. Then go to “Settings” → “General” → “Software update” and download the required beta version iOS 12.
Support iOS 12 on iPhone 5s

Before you install iOS 12 to iPhone 5s, remember that in the first days after the release of the new firmware there will be excitement, the download will take 3-5 hours. To protect the iPhone from unexpected shutdown, charge the gadget until it is fully installed. For the same reason, it is recommended to wait 1-1.5 weeks with the update to avoid unpleasant situations.

Information about the ability to upgrade iPhone 5s to iOS 12 has become a gift for millions of users. With the light hand of developers, the 2013 model received a new life and became again in demand in stores.

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