What is a jailbreak?

What is a jailbreak?

Jailbreak – this is getting full rights to modify files in system folders iPhone. By analogy, it is getting root user rights in UNIX-like systems.

Initially, when installing the original firmware, the user is not able to edit important system files, and the installed applications are allowed to work exclusively with files in their own folders (no program can add, delete or change a file that is not related to it). Applications are installed only from the store App Store, and therefore iOS is considered one of the safest operating systems in which a virus cannot be introduced.

Why jailbreak

Using this procedure, the user gets the opportunity to install on iPhone applications, which cannot be installed through the official appstore and itunes service. The main source of such programs is Cydia.

Cydia is an alternative app store for iPhone like App Store, only for jailbroken devices. This is an application that contains information about Internet repositories (servers that store programs for iPhone) with the ability to download, install and update various programs: from themes, screensavers and ringtones to the most serious applications. Almost all of these programs are free.

But, perhaps, the more important reason is the Unlock procedure iPhone, to 'unlink' the mobile phone from the operator. That allows you to work iPhone with SIM-cards of any cellular operators. This is true in countries where smartphones are sold with contracts, mainly with the United States.

All changes that occur to the file system of your phone during Jailbreak are reversible and cannot lead to physical damage to the device.

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Recently, the popularity of jailbreak has been falling. This can be seen from the statistics of Yandex search queries.

Over the past two years, despite huge sales of devices, the number of jailbreak requests has almost halved.

What is a jailbreak?

The reason for this was the introduction Apple of corporate developer certificates. This led to the appearance of services like Pgyer, from where you can download applications to iPhone bypassing App Store and without jailbreak.

In addition, device unlock can now be done quite officially. There are companies where for $ 20-30 you can untie iPhone from almost any operator with confirmation of this procedure on the server Apple.

How to jailbreak

In Apple security is constantly being improved iOS, therefore, the jailbreak release lags behind new firmwares lately.

Jailbreak is divided into categories: anchored and unattached. Tied works until the first reboot of the device, unbound – works stably even after reboot.

Relationship Apple to jailbreak

The official attitude Apple to the jailbreak procedure is as follows – the license agreement is violated, and the owner of the device Apple is deprived of the right to technical support and warranty obligations. However, legal proceedings in the United States led to the decision that jailbreak is a deliberate modification of the software made by the user on the purchased device, and therefore it is unacceptable to consider it illegal.

In any case, you can remove the jailbreak by performing the firmware restore procedure iPhone. After that, it is impossible to check whether the device has ever been jailbroken.

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