Which is better: Android or iOS

The confrontation between the operating systems iOS and Android has been going on for several years and there is still no clear winner in the dispute. Some people prefer optimization and a high level of security, while others prefer a large set of functions. Both will be right. Let's try to objectively compare the systems.

Which is better: Android or iOS


Apple operating systems have always been considered the most secure. This fact is confirmed by the fact that in the entire history of the existence of systems, the number of devices infected with viruses on iOS can be counted on the fingers of the hands. For Android, this indicator is terrifying. This is due to the fact that ayos is a closed system and it is almost impossible to get access to its code.

Also Apple seriously filters the AppStore, often removing unsafe and useless applications. The app store on Android was only recently monitored, which naturally affected the number of viruses. But even proactive actions Google do not help to circumvent iOS for security. Which is better: Android or iOS

Interface Android 8

iOS is also responsible for the security of the device itself, a special function 'Find iPhone (iPad)'. Its meaning is that if the phone is stolen, it can be remotely blocked so that attackers do not gain access to the content. It will also help to track the location of the gadget. The OS from Google has not yet thought of such a decision.

Optimization and support

Another point where Android remains far behind. Due to the fact that there are not so many devices on iOS, it is not difficult for programmers to configure the system so that it works well with any hardware. Support is also worth mentioning. The 5-year-old iPhone 5S has consistently received operating system updates at the same time as the flagships.

Can Android boast to everyone? Definitely not. A striking example of hammering on its users is the Samsung S7, which appeared on sale relatively recently. The device is equipped with top-end hardware, but receives a system update only after six months of its official presentation. It is also safe to say that it will be the last for him. In the case of apple gadgets, you should count on at least 5 years of stable receiving updates.

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Do not forget that most applications are first released on the Apple OS. Moreover, they work equally well on all devices. New items for Android are rarely supported by phones that are more than 2-3 years old.

Which is better: Android or iOS

Interface iOS 11


Perhaps this is the only serious indicator for which Android is better iOS. True, it depends on which side you look at. Thanks to the open source code, you can install any application on the Google system for free. On iOS this is done either with a break-in or with long dances with a tambourine.

Also, Android has more software features that make life easier for the user. Apple programmers, knowing this, are slowly solving this problem. What is only the version iOS 11 for iPad, thanks to which it becomes like a computer.

True, there is one more weak side of the models Apple – the inability to use them as portable media. Everything that you can get without third-party software on your computer – photos and videos. The rest of the files are downloaded to Apple devices using iTunes.

Which is better: Android or iOS

The lineup

Another advantage of the OS from Google is the huge selection of phones. The number of current iPhones now barely reaches 10 pieces. The phones that are controlled by Android cannot be counted in any way. They have filled all price categories, thanks to which the user will be able to choose a good-spec phone for himself at a modest price. How long he will live is, of course, another question.

The cheapest apple technology now is 5S, which is still being sold from the warehouses of online stores. It will be possible to purchase it at a price of 12-13 thousand rubles. However, even he is now more powerful than many new products on Android.

These are the main differences between the systems. Others, such as battery life, the price of devices that are controlled by operating systems, and other points have long been equal.

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