Why do we need Apple Watch: smartwatch review

Many people ask why they need Apple Watch. This watch is designed for owners of smartphones iPhone 5 or later models. This unit cannot be used in conjunction with iPad.

A person who is interested in what a smartwatch is for should understand that its purpose is to use applications. Despite the high price, the Watch accessory is primarily intended for the youth audience. It is necessary to consider why Apple considers this useful device to be a gadget and not a watch. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with its functionality.

Why do we need Apple Watch: smartwatch review

Functionality Apple Watch

The screen may differ depending on the modification.

  • If you choose a device with a 42 mm case, the display resolution will be 312×390, and the pixel density will be 302 PPI.
  • On watches with a 38 mm case, the resolution will be 272×340, and the density will be 290 PPI.

The class display AMOLED offers a wide viewing angle, the picture looks bright and contrasting. A relative downside would be that the screen only turns on due to events and notifications. In standby mode, no information is shown on the display.

The user can customize the watch display so that it turns on due to any notifications, but as a result, the battery will drain quickly. It is recommended that you set your Watch so that the screen responds to gestures and lights up when you raise your hand. In bright sunlight, the information on the display is readable, but the picture looks faded.

The icons on the screen are small, but it's easy to hit them with your finger. If for some reason it is not possible to hit the shortcuts, then you can use the Zoom function. In addition to icons, the function allows you to enlarge images.

Why do we need Apple Watch: smartwatch review

In more expensive versions of the Watch, a sapphire crystal is used, which is reliably protected from scratches. In budget versions (for example, Sport), ION-X glass is installed, which eventually loses its presentation.

In the process of using the watch, you may notice that the resolution is not high enough for such a display. The problem is that the sizes of icons and buttons are out of proportion to the dimensions of the device.

Management and Synchronization

To control the watch with iPhone you need a special application. To sync the device, just bring the Watch to the smartphone camera. If this fails for some reason, you can connect the gadget manually through the settings.

The watch can only be paired with a telephone. The user must come up with a 4-6 digit password that will be used to access the device. The watch is automatically locked every time it is removed from the hand.

An alternative option is to unlock with iPhone. In this case, the smartphone security system (for example, Touch ID) will be used. The disadvantage of this method is that you have to unlock your phone too often or completely disable its protection system. It is more convenient to enter the password every time the watch is put on the hand.

All applications that are installed on iPhone and are suitable for Watch will be automatically transferred to the watch. When using the machine for the first time, the copying process may take 10 to 90 minutes. This will depend on the number and size of applications, and if any required updates are available for them.

Why do we need Apple Watch: smartwatch review

Programs and Features

Appendix Apple Watch contains a section with programs for watches. Each of them can be tested to understand how it works. The selected program will be installed on the smartphone and watch, since a separate installation is not provided.

All applications Apple Watch are linked to the phone. When installing each such program, free space in the memory of the smartphone and watch will be used up. At the same time, applications installed on Apple Watch are secondary, since they can display incomplete information.

It is enough to set the program to iPhone. After that, the settings will be automatically transferred to the Watch. If desired, the user can independently make adjustments and choose how the applications should behave on the watch.

The system settings provide the ability to change the type and size of the font. The default font works best. Larger characters can take up a lot of screen space, making it difficult for the user to read messages.

There is a red dot above the dial. If you hover your finger over it and drag it down, notifications will open. This feature works in a limited mode. For example, there is no full-fledged application Facebook for Watch. If a notification from a social network has come to the watch, then it will be possible to view it in full only using a smartphone.

Apple Watch lacks the 'Open on Phone' function, which would allow you to launch the desired program on iPhone using the clock, after which the user would only have to pick up the phone and read the necessary information.

The application Instagram works in the same way. If a notification arrives, the user will not be able to read it in full, since only the first 2 lines are displayed. The full text can only be read on a smartphone. Such flaws are common to many applications on Apple Watch, since the developers of programs adapted for watches do not pay much attention to functionality.


The device has screens with different dials, called WatchFaces. By default, only the time is displayed in standby mode, but the user can customize the display of additional information on the screen.

Why do we need Apple Watch: smartwatch review

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The main menu is a collection of shortcuts. You can turn off unnecessary apps so they don't take up screen space. To start the program, just click on the shortcut, and to exit, use the button on the right. The interface Apple Watch is intuitive and doesn't take a long time to master.

Watch management

If you press the crown 2 times, the last application that the user worked with will start. The Force Touch function allows you to trigger an action by pressing firmly on the screen (for example, with its help it is permissible to create a message in Twitter).

If you raise Watch sharply, a list of applications will appear on the right of the screen, including music, heart rate measurement, etc. At the same time, on the left you will see a quick setting for search, flight and night modes.

The analog button on the Watch is used to call up your favorite contacts. This feature allows you to quickly dial a number and send a message. For messages, templates are provided that the user can edit to his taste, as well as emoticons and various images. The downside to gadgets Apple is that SMS messages don't work without iMessage. If this function is not configured or an error occurs while installing it, the watch will not display messages.

The watch does not allow you to enter a person's address manually. You can choose it from the list or use an inconvenient voice dialing. Finding addresses in the list is problematic because they are not sorted by name and there is no search function.

The list of standard options includes time display, calendar, alarm, stopwatch, event schedule, etc. In navigation mode, the watch displays the route. In this case, the screen is divided into parts so that the user can trace his movement. If you turn off the screen, the watch will indicate the desired direction using vibration, but this method takes getting used to. It is recommended to plan a route on the phone, after which it will be transmitted to the watch.

Calls can be answered with the watch as it is equipped with a microphone and speaker. The disadvantage of this method is that others will hear the conversation.

Why do we need Apple Watch: smartwatch review

Features for athletes

The watch connects to the phone using the protocol Bluetooth. There is no separate GPS module on the Watch, so all coordinates are transmitted from iPhone. The acceleration sensor can count steps. It is accurate when compared to competing devices such as the FitBit Surge, since the error in the calculations does not exceed 10%.

The Watch device performs just as well as a device for measuring heart rate (the discrepancy can be 55-57 beats). Heart rate is best measured at rest, as readings can be inaccurate during exercise. However, the clock error Apple is not critical, unlike the FitBit device, which under heavy loads underestimates the readings by 25% and is therefore not suitable for athletes.

It should be noted that smartwatches have never been positioned as a device for professional athletes. They are most often used for daily walking and fitness.


Various signals and vibration can be used for the alert function. In this case, the user selects the types of notifications that he wants to receive. If you receive notifications too often, the battery can drain quickly. In the case when notifications regularly come from several social networks, the gadget can be discharged in 5-6 hours.

Other functions Apple Watch

Service Apple Pay works with devices iPhone 6 or later. You can pay with your watch, and you don't even need to use your phone. Assistant Siri works in Russian.

Why do we need Apple Watch: smartwatch review

Third-party applications are identical to smartwatch programs from other manufacturers. This software is created in order for the user to use his smartphone as little as possible and to solve many tasks using the Watch. There are few such applications, and some of them are paid and expensive. Watch games are as simple as possible.

It is inconvenient to use the watch for telephone conversations, since the speaker does not differ in volume, and the microphone does not differ in sensitivity. If you talk in noisy conditions (for example, in public transport), then the interlocutor may not hear you. Watch users can communicate with each other using symbols drawn on the touch screen with a finger, as well as provide each other with information about their heartbeat.

The music control function is well implemented as the user can sync playlists with the phone. Audio tracks can be transferred to the Watch memory, but wireless headphones cannot be connected to them. In this case, a speaker designed for telephone conversations will be used for playback.

If the call is heard at the moment when the user is listening to music on headphones, then it will be possible to answer it using the clock. At the same time, the device does not understand that it is more convenient to talk through the connected headset, and turns on the speakerphone. The user will hear a call through the headphones, but nothing will be displayed on the watch screen. It is permissible to accept a call using the button on the headset, but then you will not be able to see the subscriber's number.

Clock filling

The watch works with the S1 processor developed by the company Apple. Its performance is limited as the device slows down while switching between applications. Third-party programs freeze even more often than pre-installed ones. Data from a smartphone is transferred slowly, and the download icon flickers for a long time on the screen.

The amount of permanent memory is 8 GB. The watch can be used as a remote control for the smartphone camera to take photos. In this case, the pictures are saved in the Watch memory, but only 75 MB are allocated for the pictures on the device. The storage space for music is 2 GB, and the rest of the space is used for applications. Such restrictions are not critical, since most of the information will always be stored at iPhone.

Battery and run time

With active use of the device, the charge lasts for 18 hours, but the screen should be turned off most of the time. The battery life is greatly reduced if you set the display brightness to high.

The battery capacity is 205 mAh. It will take 2-3 hours to fully charge the device, which is the standard for devices of this class. It is enough to attach the charger to the case, as it is wireless. Most of the charge (80%) is recruited in 90 minutes, the remainder in 60 minutes.

Why do we need Apple Watch: smartwatch review

The company Apple provides a warranty for the battery. If it fails within 1 year, it can be replaced free of charge. The battery is capable of withstanding 1000 full operating cycles, after which the capacity will drop to 80%. If you use the battery correctly, discharging it completely, it will last 2-3 years. Users who do not follow the rules for charging the battery note that it works normally for 1-2 years.

In standby mode, the device can work up to 72 hours. At the same time, it will maintain continuous communication with the phone. If you listen to music or use exercise mode, the device will run out of battery in 4-7 hours. A telephone conversation will discharge the gadget in 3 hours. A smartphone that is synchronized with the Watch will consume 10% faster battery.

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