5 compelling reasons why you should buy the iPhone XR

Surely many are thinking: why not take a closer look at the new iPhone XR? If now you have an “eight”, “seven”, or even 6s in your pocket, we have collected for you 5 compelling reasons to upgrade to the most affordable Apple smartphone of the new generation.


Powerful processor

The iPhone XR has the most productive processor among smartphones from Apple – A12 Bionic. It is seriously superior to the previous generation, which was powered by last year's iPhone X.

It combines a six-core processor and a four-core graphics accelerator, and it is 50% more productive than the “ten”. Note that the A12 Bionic works in conjunction with the advanced Neural Engine system.

Decent camera

The “budget” new product has a 12-megapixel main camera, the front camera is similar to iPhone X. It supports Face ID, but it works faster thanks to software optimization.

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A single module of the main camera can be noted as a fair “minus”, but here Apple there is something to say: the developers installed the same camera in iPhone XR as in iPhone XS. In addition, if previously a dual camera was needed for portrait mode, now it does an excellent job of this task alone.

High-capacity battery

The iPhone XR has a 2942mAh battery – that's just 100mAh less than the flagship. However, the battery life in the budget version iPhone turned out to be even higher – the smartphone can work up to 13 hours in active use.

That's even more than last year's iPhone 8 Plus, which was famous for its battery.

High-quality screen

5 compelling reasons why you should buy the iPhone XR

The iPhone XR does not have a OLED – display, but its screen is still the best in the Apple line – Liquid Retina. The developers were able to achieve even larger viewing angles, increased brightness and increased contrast. Despite the fact that the screen resolution iPhone XR was 720p, its pixel density is extremely high.

The only obvious disadvantage of the display is the lack of 3D Touch. However, if we consider that not everyone uses it, then this is not such a loss.

Bright body colors

5 compelling reasons why you should buy the iPhone XR

Apple hasn't pampered users with multi-colored iPhone since 5c, and “ten” was available in only two shades. Sad, isn't it?

Therefore, six different colors iPhone XR are a real treat for fans of bright solutions. In addition to the standard white and black, blue, yellow, coral and exclusive red are available.

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