What to do if iPhone reboots itself

When smartphone owners notice that their iPhone is constantly rebooting, they get lost and do not know what to do to make the phone work in normal mode again. This problem can affect any corporation smartphone Apple.

What to do if iPhone reboots itself

Ways to solve the problem

The reasons for self-rebooting phones iPhone can be software errors or hardware failures inside the device.

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If the source of this smartphone problem is software errors, then the ways to solve it are as follows:

  1. Force restart the phone. For iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X, alternately quickly press the volume up and down buttons, and then press and hold the iPhone on / off button. To force restart iPhone 7 hold down the power button and one of the volume control buttons. For older models, hold down the 'Home' button and the on / off button at the same time. Such a restart of the smartphone can also help in solving the problem with a non-working screen. What to do if iPhone reboots itself
  2. Reset. In this case, sequentially open the following menu sections: 'Settings' => 'General' => 'Reset' => 'Reset all settings'. What to do if iPhone reboots itself
  3. Correction of errors in installed applications. To do this, the faulty applications should be updated to the latest version. If this is not possible, then it is better to simply delete them. This will avoid a conflict arising from the incompatibility of the installed software and the operating system.
  4. Installing the appropriate update iOS. A new update will not always make your phone work efficiently. Therefore, to fix some software bugs, smartphone users sometimes go back to earlier versions of the operating system. All possible problems and solutions with iOS – updating to the required version are described on the official website of the company Apple. What to do if iPhone reboots itself
  5. Setting a different date. In the latest updates of the operating system, there is an error that leads to the fact that due to the date 02.12.2017 iPhone it stops working correctly. The phone receives notifications from various applications and services, because of which it starts to constantly reboot.
  6. Restore phone settings to factory settings. It is important to consider that before doing this, it is better to back up all data on your phone. To do this, download the iTunes program, which will save all contacts, messages, notes and files on your smartphone. What to do if iPhone reboots itself

If all else fails

If the listed methods did not help to eliminate the problems with constant reboots, then the source of this failure is most likely the internal malfunctions of the smartphone, the elimination of which consists in the following actions:

  1. Battery replacement. Each battery has its own service life, which is approximately 450 cycles. After its expiration, the battery may lose its capacity and, accordingly, cannot withstand the load. Also, various voltage drops can cause breakage of the battery contacts, which leads to its malfunction and the impossibility of further use.
  2. Replacing the board or processor of the iPhone. The source of their malfunction may be shaking or strong impact on the phone case. Such a problem can lead to breakdown and subsequent replacement of other components.
  3. Repair of smartphone electronics, which can be destroyed by water accidentally getting inside the case. It promotes oxidation processes and leads to breakage of contacts and batteries.

What to do if iPhone reboots itself

To fix internal breakdowns of the phone, it is best to contact the service department.

It is important to note that the reasons and explanations for all malfunctions that may arise during operation iPhone are well described by the developers on the company's official website Apple.

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