How to draw iPhone X: step by step instructions

The ideal, smooth lines of the iPhone's body just ask for artistic embodiment. Until great artists have come up with such an outstanding idea, everyone can portray a popular gadget in the world. What you need: a sheet of thick paper or cardboard, a soft pencil, an eraser, a ruler with round holes.

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Instructions on how to draw an iPhone 10:

  1. The shape of a smartphone is a rectangle. It is better to take the factory dimensions of the gadget as a basis: length – 14 cm, width – 7 cm. While drawing straight lines. Do not forget that the lines run parallel to each other. how to draw an iPhone 10: rectangle
  2. In the next step, round off the corners. You can draw a smooth line yourself or using a stencil ruler. how to draw an iPhone 10: round the corners
  3. We accentuate the volume of the image. To do this, we retreat from the edge less than 1 mm and mark, for convenience, points along the perimeter, draw an inner line. how to draw an iPhone 10: volume
  4. The screen of the iPhone 10 occupies the entire front panel and follows the contours of the body, so that the inner line is drawn again. how to draw an iPhone 10: screen
  5. Now it's time for the famous 'monobrow'. It's at the top of the display. Step 1.5 mm from the side panels, mark a rectangle 1.5 mm wide, round the edges and paint over with black. how to draw iPhone 10: monobrow
  6. Shade the side panels to make them more visible. how to draw an iPhone 10: paint the screen

If desired, the picture is supplemented with keys or you can color the screen in the style of the splash screens Apple.

Coloring iPhone

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