How to increase the volume on iPhone

Most users don't like listening to music loudly or when their phone is ringing too loudly. But another part of users cannot live in silence, so they try to crank the sound to the maximum and squeeze everything out of their gadget. Let's say a fan of high volume purchased an iPhone. How can he get the most out of the speaker?

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It all depends on what volume you need to adjust: call or multimedia?

To adjust the sound in the first case, go to Settings, then look for the Sounds menu and at the very top we see a slider labeled Call and Alerts. It is he who allows you to increase or decrease the volume of an incoming call or SMS. If you also activate the Change item with the buttons, then in the future it will be possible to change the volume with the buttons, if some multimedia application is not running.

How to increase the volume on iPhone How to increase the volume on iPhone

Now let's move on to adjusting the multimedia volume. When the Change by buttons option is inactive, pressing the side buttons of the phone will decrease or increase the volume of music, videos and other things.

By the way, it is a known fact that Apple limits the power of its speakers. You can squeeze the real maximum out of them only with the help of a jailbreak and special tweaks.

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