IPhone XS Max: overview of features, price, start of sales, photos

Looking for a smartphone with a huge screen? You got it. In September 2018 Apple presented just a monster iPhone XS Max with a 6.5-inch display. Together with the most powerful processor Apple A12 Bionic, 4 GB RAM and smart OS iOS, the gadget has become a full-fledged flagship of this year.


Before the official release iPhone, the XS Max was called the 11 Plus or Pro. But the company decided to give the X generation of smartphones unusual names. For the first time, the Plus prefix has been replaced by Max. Representatives Apple assured that such a change was not accidental. The Max designation emphasizes the large screen of the extended versions – 6.5 inches, and also claims that the gadget belongs to the X series, and not the next generation.


iPhone XS Max: overview of features, price, start of sales, photos

iPhone The XS Max inherits the design of the iPhone X: a rounded, slightly elongated body, a display with thin bezels and the already familiar 'monobrow'. The smartphone is not much larger than the iPhone 8 Plus and is slightly heavier.


iPhone The XS and XS Max are available in three colors: silver, gray and gold. Moreover, the shade 'gold' in 2018 received a different performance than last year. The color has become more saturated and expensive.


The case is made of two glass panels to prevent serious damage to the smartphone if dropped. A controversial point, since glass still remains glass and the gadget will not withstand a blow from a height of 2 meters on a concrete floor, so such experiments should be avoided. The connecting frame is again made of stainless surgical steel, the material is durable and has a pleasant metallic sheen.

Size and weight

iPhone XS Max fully justifies its name, its dimensions are 77.4×157.5×7.9 mm, and weight is 208 g. Together with an almost frameless screen, the smartphone looks impressive.

Water and dust resistant

The flagships of 2018 already support the IP68 standard. These figures indicate the protection of the smartphone from dust and water: permissible immersion up to 2 m, stay in water for up to 30 minutes.

All external control elements are in their usual places: on the right side there is an on / off button, a place for a SIM card, on the left – the volume up and down keys, below – a headphone and charger jack.

Super Retina display: Highest pixel density

The capabilities of the new display from Apple are amazing. The engineers managed to develop a product that will be out of competition for another 1-2 years. Contrast OLED – display 1,000,000: 1! The OS adjusts and calibrates the colors itself. The screen occupies 82% of the space on the front panel, for this the bottom and side panels have been reduced.

iPhone XS Max: overview of features, price, start of sales, photos

Super Retina display benefits:

  1. High Dynamic Range or HDR meets Hollywood film standards. This technology makes blacks appear deeper and whites brighter and cleaner. Photos and videos seem even more realistic.
  2. Brightness indicators of 625 cd / m² are responsible for comfortable viewing of content on the screen at any time of the day. True Tone automatically adjusts thermal settings to maintain white balance at all times.
  3. OLED – Displays for iPhone XS and XS Max have been improved. Color rendition has become more accurate, contrast indicators have been improved.
  4. The resolution is 1242 × 2688 and the pixel density is 458 per inch, giving the impression of reality on the screen.

In the first months of use, errors are possible when some games and applications work, since developers need time to adapt content to an extended resolution.


In iPhone XS Max Apple decided to double the memory capacity. The smartphone came out in three versions: 64, 256 and 512 GB. Gadgets with a minimum value of 64 GB and did not complain about the lack of space for games, photos and videos. But the company in 2018 decided to do everything to the maximum.

6-core A12 Bionic processor

This processor is a cutting edge achievement Apple. Such performance with minimal power consumption has not been found in any smartphone, even third-party manufacturers. New technologies, FinFET and 7nm process were used to develop the chip. Representatives of the company Apple confidently stated that the A12 Bionic has no competitors and will not have another 1-2 years.

iPhone XS Max: overview of features, price, start of sales, photos

The 4 energy efficient cores use up to 50% less battery power than the predecessor without sacrificing performance. The neural processor is capable of processing 5 trillion operations per second, while the A11 Bionic can handle 600 billion per second. What does it affect:

  • applications and games open without delay;
  • Face ID works 50% faster and without lags;
  • web pages load in fractions of seconds.

The first tests of the iPhone XS Max proved the veracity of the developers' claims. The smartphone really works faster and doesn't drain with heavy use throughout the day.

Neural Engine System: Machine Learning

If soulless machines take over our world, it will be the fault of the engineers at Apple, who continue to improve and introduce new AI features. Now iPhone does not guess, but probably knows the owner's habits and desires. Thanks to the machine learning function, the smartphone processes a huge amount of information, highlights patterns and draws conclusions about their use.

How is this specifically manifested:

  1. When you search for the desired photo in the pictures, the OS will display the ones you think of. Why? Analyze messages on social networks, requests on the Internet, clarify plans in the calendar, etc.
  2. The camera automatically recognizes the appropriate mode for the situation, offers suitable filters and effects.
  3. Planning and assistance apps are now partly human. The program Siri will call and make an appointment, order a hotel room or pizza.

The machine learning chip in iPhone XS Max is not static but will evolve and update. Developers are trying to combat the bias of AI, which may not correctly process and recognize information.

iOS 12

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple ordered foldable foldable displays from Samsung iPhone

For the first time Apple I created an OS, which caused almost 80% of positive responses from users. And this is still at the testing stage. What's new brought iOS 12:

  1. AR format USDZ, which the company developed with Pixar. Now the augmented reality effect is available for apps iOS, even for the internet browser. The trick of the new format is that users can transfer virtual pictures and texts through a special application. The rendering of 3D objects and recognition of facial expressions have also improved.
  2. Siri. The machine learning processor has made the voice assistant 2 times smarter. Now the program recognizes 'quick hits' and finds the answer to the problem in a split second. The assistant also learned how to correctly present the information found, grouping it into categories.
  3. The Photos app also got a share of the mind. AI guesses requests, instantly processes photos, recognizes friends in pictures and offers to send them images.
  4. The way of submitting notifications has changed. Windows are now grouped based on theme and purpose, and hidden when Do Not Disturb is enabled.

iPhone XS Max: overview of features, price, start of sales, photos

In terms of technical capabilities and stability iOS 12 left all previous versions far behind. Application launch – 40% faster.

Autonomy record holder

The problem of quickly discharging smartphones is not a small amount of battery (although this is also), but in the wrong setting of energy consumption. The company Apple has tried to solve both of these problems in the iPhone XS and XS Max, equipping them with a powerful battery and a smart processor that optimizes everything.

The iPhone XS Max has the largest battery in the lineup Apple – 3174 mAh. This figure broke the record iPhone of the 6 Plus with a 2915mAh battery. It resembles the letter L in shape and consists of two connected blocks. This solution made it possible to arrange additional elements in the body.

iPhone XS Max: overview of features, price, start of sales, photos

The claimed talk time iPhone XS Max is 25 hours, which is 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone X. The smartphone supports wireless and fast charging. However, to use them you will have to buy an adapter and a docking station.

2 SIM cards and support for Gigabit Class LTE

iPhone XS Max, as well as iPhone XS became the first smartphones in the line Apple with support for two SIM cards. It should be noted right away that one of them is in the electronic format esim. In Russia, there is simply no such standard, but, for example, in China it is prohibited. So, monosymous iPhones will come to our country and brotherly DPRK.

It is unlikely that the Russians will be pleased with the information about the support iPhone XS Max of LTE networks, which are gaining popularity in the USA and Europe. This standard provides ultra-fast data transmission over the network, if supported by the operator.

3D Touch remained

For the 'inexpensive' iPhone XR, the company has gone to replace the 3D Touch with Haptic Touch, a cheaper item. In the expensive iPhone XS and XS Max, the technology has remained unchanged so far. But the company does not rule out that it will give up the usual sensory sensations in the coming years.

Face ID is faster

The time of Touch ID has passed, now a computer model of a face is used to protect and lock iPhones. Already the first versions worked confidently, with minimal lags. But in the iPhone XS and XS Max, you'll see even bigger improvements.

Now the smartphone detects changes in appearance, the program cannot be fooled by wearing glasses, sticking on a mustache or applying makeup. Face ID is smarter and faster thanks to three links:

  • True Depth – cameras that read points and determine the card of the owner's face;
  • Secure Enclave – a protection module that instantly scans a face and compares it with the models in the database;
  • Neural Engine is a machine learning processor.

Owners of brand new iPhones are well protected from unauthorized smartphone hacking.

Improved, more surround stereo

Yes, iPhone XS Max sounds louder than iPhone X by 50%! Moreover, this increase did not affect the quality. The sound is clear, spacious, with a perfect balance of bass and tones. Thanks to two microphones, you can record and watch videos with stereo sound.

12MP dual camera

The main camera in shape and technical characteristics does not differ from iPhone X. It is double, also protrudes slightly from the body, has a resolution of 12 megapixels and a lens with six lenses.

iPhone XS Max: overview of features, price, start of sales, photos

Changes affected shooting functions:

  1. The larger sensor captures more light, resulting in sharper and brighter images.
  2. The A12 Bionic processor processes the image faster.
    There are new functions and modes that take high-quality photos in different lighting conditions.

Smart HDR

A big plus for the X-series iPhones is Smart HDR support. The technology is indispensable in low light or, conversely, in bright light. Thanks to this function, details in light and dark areas are more clearly developed.

Front camera TrueDepth

The front camera has traditionally received a resolution of 7 megapixels. It maintains the same standards and effects as the main one. Thanks to the improved processor characteristics, the face recognition function works 2 times faster.

Portrait Mode

Specially designed for expressive selfies. When this mode is enabled, the camera focuses on the person, highlighting its outline clearly and shading the back. Thanks to machine learning technology, faces in the frame are recognized in a fraction of a second. Within the mode, there are several options to create even more impressive shots, such as facial contouring and portrait lighting.

New 'Depth' function

Usually all the cool settings for a photo are done before shooting. In iPhone the XS and XS Max gained the ability to edit the degree of sharpness after shooting.

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